Meet The Nude Melania Trump Music Video Instagram Model, Melanie Marden

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aldo-vallon - October 23, 2018

There are some things that people are not sufficiently warned about when they decide to start portraying the wives of sitting presidents while they perform stripteases, and that is in regards to the number of death threats they will receive as a result. It can be assumed that a stripper will deal with a small number of death threats in their profession, they do deal with drunks on a constant basis, but those are usually few and far between. In the case of Melanie’s music video, she says she has received an unfathomable number of them.

Personally, I have never understood the act of threatening someone’s life. Why would you want to warn them and make the job harder for yourself? But what I understand even less is why anyone would threaten the life of someone for simply resembling someone else and choosing to take their clothes off?

If the people making the threats support Melania then shouldn’t they be happy to get a good look at the goods that look like hers? And if they do not support Melania then it is even stranger. I feel like a stripping First Lady is the kind of thing that would draw bipartisan support.


Photo Credit: Instagram