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Miley Cyrus Sextastic Dancing With Stuffed Animals in ‘We Can’t Stop’

Oh, you crazy kids and your wacky music videos.

I can’t really say what’s going on with the thematic callouts in Miley’s music video for We Can’t Stop, I only know Miley Cyrus has said she’s dedicated the  song to her fans who have stood by her. I’ll take that to mean me included. I’ve stood by Miley ever since it was not particularly reputable, let alone legal, to stand right by her. Since she was but a pup. But, as evidenced in these stills from the production,

Miley is hardly a little girl anymore. She’s quite grown up and ready to make some seriously sextastic but confusing and pointless music videos. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Topless in Uncensored Robin Thicke Video (VIDEO)

Emily Ratajkowski Topless in Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Video
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I really thought the Thicke family hit their highest heights with Growing Pains, but, no, introducing Kirk Cameron to the world would be topped some twenty-five years later with son Robin, a lady-killing crooner, putting a topless Emily Ratajkowski in the uncensored version of his song, Blurred Lines.

Now, I’ve not considered myself a Robin Thicke fan in any way, other than the way a man admires a guy who gets to have sex with his wife and long time girlfriend Paula Patton. But, today, whole new respect for the nextgen Thicke. Big ups. Enjoy.

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Nicki Minaj Flashes Pasties Covered Boobs In Her New Music Video

I guess you could call this a triumph of musical artistry, or just lament that popular music places a higher emphasis on show and sizzle than it does on actual musical quality, but then you’d be lamenting the cause for some of the best views we get here on Egotastic!, including the boobtastic stylings of curvaceous Nicki Minaj, current American Idol judge (if anybody is still watching that) and current holder of one epically curvy body.

Now, Nicki can’t just strut around topless on camera for her youthful audience, oh, that she could, and she likely would. But for today we’ll settle for the risque dreamscape of Nicki in pasties covering her healthy bosom, and performing her song…. her song… hmm, not even what what that is. Not important. Enjoy.

Rihanna Covered Nekkid in ‘Stay’ Music Video; It’s Bold, Daring, and Just a Bit Frustrating

You know that for all the times we promote, defend, and support Rihanna in the hot looks department, we’ve never much been fans of her music. I mean, there is that one song about the thing with the thing that’s not so bad, but, in general, we do disparage the music made by producers for any singer anywhere at any time to plug in and be the front-face. However, with her new music video for ‘Stay’, Rihanna has once again forced us to come back to her music, if for no other reason than to see her nekkid in the bathtub.

Now, I’m sure this visual reference has some type of deeper meaning, and perhaps would’ve even been a topic of conversation on MTV when MTV actually showed music videos back in the day, but mostly we just want to see Rihanna without her clothes on, she could be whistling Zippity-Doo-Dah for all we care. And while the censors have clearly cut the what assuredly must have been true nekkid parts out of the music video, we’re still watching a hot chick in the bathtub, and waiting patiently for the outtakes. Enjoy.

Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen Go Hotness to Hotness With Bad Music And Good Looks

Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen, two musically inclined hotties that we could easily play nekkie naughty Roadie roleplay with, each released new music videos that maximize their hotness and skin potential, as opposed to their melodic genius you might say. Now, I’ll leave you to your own musical sensibilities, but I’m more interested in who you think pulled off the hotter skin-flashing video.

Avril Lavigne with ‘Goodbye’:

or Taylor Momsen with ‘You’

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Rihanna Makes the Irish Springs Spout With Boobtastic Music Video Shoot

We’re double dipping today on Rihanna, jetting her hot self between a concert in Rio and a film shoot in the Emerald Isles for a new music video that will likely be talked about in terms of her music, but for which I can only now focus on her amazingly exhibited racktastic. Honestly, if Rihanna chanted her haftarah portion in that outfit, I’d finally pay attention to some Hebrew on the bema. The Barbadian (nay, Bajan, see people of Barbados, I’m learning) just keeps getting hotter and hotter, consuming larger and larger segments of the libido region of my brain, like a sextastic Panzer division plowing across my grey matter without much resistance. Rihanna is unstoppably hot. And with those chest puppies barking like that, I really don’t mind surrendering. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Wet, Taut, and Hot in New Music Video

Nicole Scherzinger is coming into her own, professionally speaking, and coming into her own, ogler-speaking, as she flashes more and more skin in her entertainment fare. Bodies like Nicole’s don’t just grow on trees (but, damn, if there were a tree like that, I’d be swinging from it on a rubber tire) and it’s on full display in these promotional photos from the making of Nicole’s Wet music video, a craptastic piece of musical shlock that is actually worth watching with the sound off because Nicole is just that hot. Enjoy.

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