Celebrate Ariana Grande’s Single Status With A Brief Tour of Her Sexiest Pics

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elliot-wolf - October 16, 2018

With every new ending there’s an opportunity for a new beginning. I feel like Ariana Granda can rise from her old relationship, into a new one, hopefully with me, like some sort of Phoenix. I’ve already agreed on my end to cherish her in a way that she’s never been cherished, so I’m just waiting on a yes from her. I hope I’m qualified as official rebound material. She’s looks way too good for someone to let her get away. But I’m guessing her love is similar to slippery soap in the shower. If you don’t have that thing on a rope you’re going to drop it. I’ve brought my own rope just incase she does say yes. Metaphorical rope. I don’t want her to think I’m some creepy kidnapper. I’m more of a not so secret admirer.

I could probably write a book about all of the places I plan on taking Ariana. The moon is definitely one of them, so I’m attempting to teach myself rocket science like Elon Musk just so I can take a girl whose looks are out of this world, out of this world. A hot lady like her would feel right at home on the moon since she’s one of a kind. I’d even try to write our names inside a heart big enough that everyone can see from the Earth just how head over heels I am for Ariana.

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