John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Think You Might Like Their Christmas Song (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - December 24, 2018


A few years ago, Grease co-stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John recorded a Christmas album. The Onion even had a bit of fun with it. It was a totally forgettable endeavor, but it did yield one music video that has become a Christmas tradition in my house.

"I Think You Might Like It" comes to us courtesy of songwriter John Farrar, who wrote—among other things—"You're the One That I Want" from 1978's Grease, and it reunites the stars of the film at some sort of rinky-dink regional airport. Travolta's wife Kelly Preston is there, as is their daughter Ella Bleu, and a cast of clearly non-professionals attempting to line dance.

There's so much here to love from Newton-John just taking her foot off the brake of her car and letting it slowly roll down the entrance to the airport, not to mention Travolta's spray-on hair and chin scruff.

I love these two and so there is a hint of un-ironic love for this song and video, but most of my love for this is steeped in schadenfreude. It's not that I enjoy watching them fail, it's just that they commit 110% to a total garbage endeavor like this. Merry Christmas from John, ONJ, and the whole gang here at Egotastic!