i-D magazine Posts:

Miranda Kerr Wears But Two Yarmulkes To Celebrate Hanukkah

As tomorrow represents the once a millennium or so coincidence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, I probably will be too high on tryptophan to get around to a celebration of our favorite Chosen Girls for the Jewish Holidays type post. However, in a surprising twist, the not even close to Hebraic Miranda Kerr decided to ring in the Festival of Lights be strapping together two kippahs over her funbags for a shoutout to the first night of the eight day temple oil miracle. It's possible I'm reading into this photo just a bit.

The uber-sextastic Miranda did happen to flash shis Coco Chanel utterly tiny udder cover in i-D magazine as part of the journals digital relaunch. It's definitely working. I can even feel the after-burners taking me toward the heavens. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Flashes Some Ta-Ta for i-D


I'm not exactly super clear on the mouse theme behind this i-D magazine photoshoot. I'm guessing it's something to do with Miley's latest crazy, but I'm not quite sure. I do know this, it features a fine topless photo of uber-sextastic Candice Swanepoel, which means all other questions are rendered somewhat moot.

Topless Candice Swanepoel makes everything better. If broccoli had come with topless Candice I would have eaten it as a child. If topless Candice awaited me at the dentists office, I'd schedule back to back completely unnecessary root canals. She really is the cure-all, and daddy needs a little taste of his medicine. Yes, that does sound creepy. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, Nicole Neal, and Other Topless Hotties for i-D Magazine’s Spring Fling


I have this dream where I invite several of my very favorite British style glamour models to my abode for an afternoon of Earl Grey and raunchy stripping. Then I snap back to reality to find the BBW sisters from down the hall eating all my Cool Ranch Doritos and sitting on my couch watching Animal Planet. Real life can be such a harsh slap in the face.

Thankfully, I have i-D magazine and their glorious tribute to all things hot and boobtastic and British with a topless complication pictorial of Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, Nicole Neal, Lacey Bangard, and Sabine Jemeljanova as a virtual lust-filled escape hatch from the doldrums of my apartment complex living. It's quite the array into the foray of all things plump and juicy in the chest puppy department. Yet, classy, cool, and chic. I think I dig. I dig very much. Enjoy.

Karlie Kloss Has Legs and She Knows How To Use Them

Our bias in favor of the Windy City only has a very small part to do with our lust-filled support of model Karlie Kloss and her continuing rise of the modeling ranks. Featured in the new edition of i-D magazine, young Karlie shows how she makes money pimping to women, while still captivating the hearts and other organs of the male of the species.

And that right there is your foundation for meteoric rise and success in the modeling world. Every girl wants to be you, every guy wants to put you in silky handcuffs and secure you to the headboard in the Motel 6 honeymoon suite. A winning formula. And Karlie Kloss is very much winning. Enjoy.

Lara Stone Bares Her Nekkid Wares for i-D Magazine


You know what we love most about European supermodels? Well, yeah, they're hot and we want them to rub our bellies while we drink Northern European lagers, but, beyond that, is their willingness to show off their bare skin for the sake of the shoot. Even an artsy stylish shoot we don't understand, we still feel them, as it were, when it comes to exhibiting their nekkid forms.

All of which leads us to super hot Dutch model Lara Stone, who routinely dares to bare, this time in i-D magazine for their Winter 2012 edition, flashing some of her world class chest puppies as well as some see-through views to her lady nest, all in all what we like to call a high-brow ogle worthy bit of nekkidness we totally dig. Enjoy.

Stephanie Seymour Strangely Flashes Her MILFtastic Knockers for i-D Magazine


We really have missed our favorite son-loving mom, Stephanie Seymour, who we see little of outside of her family fun vacations down in the Caribbean. And while we often lose intellectual track of the various highly artsy new-wave themes Stephanie Seymour photoshoots tend to fall to, we still never ever want to stop ogling the bare chest of this 40-something MILFtastic model phenom, who never seems to age (perhaps it's intra-family coupling that keeps her looking so youthful?)

Stephanie Seymour goes high-concept once more flashing her oddly fastened funbags in the Fall edition of i-D magazine. It's strange, it's odd, but it's ultimately hot Stephanie, the mom we all want to have tucking us in at night. Enjoy.

Liberty Ross Topless Hotness Defeated by Kristen Stewart’s Very Angry Vagina


Okay, let me be the first to say, even in my wildest 'I married a supermodel' fantasies, I'm grounded enough to know that after the honeymoon of seeing my own sweaty slobby self in the mirror knocking the stuffing out of a real life world class hottie, well, there's a solid chance there's going to be a lifetime of painful model-wife times dead ahead. Not saying the old song about marrying an ugly girl and being blindly blissful sounds all that great, but finding yourself til-death-do-you-part with a woman who's been spoiled rotten her whole life to look hot and stare blankly into space, I can see that coming back to haunt you, and those sweaty times in the mirror becoming further and further apart.

None of this is to excuse the cad-like behavior of Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and The Huntsman and the married diver in the Kristen Stewart muff diving in flagrante. But who knows the true power of K-Stew's very angry vagina; it holds sway over men like nobody's business. It seems to be powerful enough to turn Robert Pattinson straight; that's some might sorcery there.

All I'm saying is, just because you're married to a super hot chick like Liberty Ross doesn't mean you have the power to resist beaver bombing your favorite starlet if she's stems akimbo in the front seat of your automobile and whimpering like a cat on a hot tin roof. The rules of nature always trump the rules of man.