Victoria Beckham Still Won’t Smile, Still Needs a Sandwich, But Still Hot in i-D Magazine

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bill-swift - February 7, 2012

We're not sure what happened to Posh exactly, but somewhere along the line the hottest Spice Girl (yeah, we said it, we own it) decided that marriage to the world's most famous soccer player (who Gretchen here tells me is one hunky dude), tons of money, beautiful houses, vacation homes, jet travel, successful commercials, and a baby, could still not make her smile, let alone eat a sandwich, but it did happen. And it's kind of unfortunate in the way that seeing otherwise seemingly have-it-all hotties in a constant state of glumness always is.

But then there's this i-D magazine pictorial, and it rekindles my lower-half-of-the-body interest in Victoria Beckham, with all her hotness potential, still no smile, still way too skinny, but so much there there that... well, I'd love to lock Victoria and Angelina Jolie up in my basement for a few weeks and feed them like a turkey farmer does his stock in the weeks before Thanksgiving. I think that sounds kind of almost legal. Enjoy.