Arizona Muse Classy in Town & Country!

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Tex Hollywood - April 21, 2020

I don't know if you remember Arizona Muse but she was a very popular model for a short period of time. I barely remember the last time I've seen any of her shoots and she is only 31 years old!! She was oftentimes topless in her fashion work.

This is a shoot for Town & Country Magazine's latest magazine cover. I guess we can assume she's classy like that because everything I know about Town & Country is that it's a luxury high end brand.

I guess this shoot isn't all that exciting, but for some reason I am loving it. Maybe it's the designer dresses in some country setting. A fetish I didn't know that I had.

The mom of two had a hilarious quote that I just read which is: 'Modelling is the most amazing career for having kids, because no one wants you when you've just had a baby'. Relatable. Not because I am a model not getting work, but because I am one of those dudes who is like "EWWWW SHE'S A MOM".

I can't help it, society made me this way.

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