Hunter King’s Protest Booty!

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Tex Hollywood - June 2, 2020

I try not to get too political here. We want to be a positive and light part of your day. We've focused on hot celebrities, models and personalities being hot and amazing for many years, and we plan to continue that!

I don't think I am in a position to spew my opinion on things that are outside my realm of expertise, which is posting babes!

I also think it's important to have a little distraction from all the energy being put out there on social media.

Since it is Blackout Tuesday, where no one is posting hot pics on social media, we are either left to go through the archives and pull some gold.

Or post some protesting celebs, since they are not blacking out that part of their feed.

So we've got Hunter King, sister of Joey King, who had a break out year last year and is now a very respected actress, in her leggings, because if you're going to protest, you gotta bring that booty with ya!

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