Natasha Bure Influencing!

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Tex Hollywood - September 22, 2020

Her name is Natasha Bure and she's got a solid 500k follower on her INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

You may be familiar with her, but she's news to me, but I do recognize her last name as she is the daughter of Candace Cameron Bure and Hockey player Valeri Bure.

So she's another celebrity kid who is tackling or taking on the social media game! It seems to be the natural progression of the LA Based youth. Everyone is competing for the views and follows. To be the next big thing and there is nothing wrong with that, especially since 90 percent of social media content is semi provocative!

What I find the most interesting about this 22 year old is that the Cameron family are known to be very Christian, very into God. Even Natasha's bio reads "God is Great" as she was raised in the church.

I am not well versed in religion, but this is sure nothing like the "religious" girls I went to High School with. I mean, there's a lot of skin going on here.

That's not the say that God will strike down with great vengeance for outfit choices made, I mean our purest form is nude and we should explore that but this is a good indicator that Sunday services have hope to be a great time. The nightclubs of the future!

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