Coachella Music Festival

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kelly Brook, and Bella Thorne Highlight the Hotness at Coachella Weekend Dos

I must admit, I totally forgot there was a second weekend of Coachella. Maybe it was the first thousand people who felt obliged to mention they’d been to Coachella and you totally have to go to Coachella and Coachella was awesome that threw me off to the fact it was only halfway done, but, indeed, this past weekend there was a second gathering of thousands of hip hippy chicks and their boyfriends in the California desert to celebrate what is turning out to be an electronic dance music heavy musical foray. Nevertheless, the sextastic babes of Tinsel Town got into what their stylists assured them would be perfect for Coachella wardrobes and hit the VIP gated off section of the polo fields for some exhibitionism and public spectacle showtime.

Some of the second weekend hotties includes Kelly Brook, who worked hard not to show off her panties, sadly, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner for a second weekend in a row showing off some skin, Bella Thorne, another teen without school concerns showed up with her big boyfriend, Diane Kruger, and others rounded out the good looking babes beneath their retro 60′s fashions. Oh, the music may have stopped, thankfully, but the visual treats will linger in the mind for some time. Which is the point of outdoor concerts in the first place. The women. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Booty Cheeks In Shorts at the Coachella Festival

Kendall Jenner shows off her booty in short cut-offs at the Coachella music festival. Kendall is attending the outdoor music fest along with a lot of other celebrities. What this outfit shows is that the best part of these outdoor music festivals isn’t the music, it’s the scantily clad outfits that the ladies wear. This is a truth that goes back to the days of Woodstock. Kendall is a particularly hot girl with a variation on the famous Kardashian/Jenner booty. She puts the cut in cutt-offs with these shorts. They show just the right bit of butt cheek peaking out of the bottom. Much more and it would be indecent. If it was longer it would just be a pair of boring old jean shorts. This is the genius of Kendall Jenner. For a young girl she understands what sexy is and what it is not. That’s a rare thing in today’s youth. My hope is that young girls will take a page from her fashion playbook and practice proper butt cheek implementation.

It kind of makes me wish that I was at Coachella so I could behold this sight in person. Maybe next year.

Tallulah Willis, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, and Tons More Coachella 2014 Hotties Pretending to Be Hippies

As you know, Coachella used to be an indie music festival out in the desert past Palm Springs a little ways. Now it’s a mega corporate sponsored headliner act scene that features the likes of Beyonce and Pink and Gwen Stefani and I don’t know, maybe Justin Bieber too at this point. Nevertheless, the more corporate and lame it becomes, the more it becomes a must-visit for pretty much celebrity under 30 (and Steven Tyler) to attend and dress in chic hippy wear and occasionally some nice boobtastic reveals during the warm days.

This year’s evening part events and day time music scenes included the show off likes of Tallulah Willis, Lindsay Lohan, Alessandra Ambrosio and many others attending the Flaunt magazine shindig at night, and Selena Gomez, Ireland BaldwinKendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Kesha, and many many more for the VIP grassy concert area.

It was a plethora of who’s who in young Hollywood (and Steven Tyler) all pretending to be bohemians in the desert, or at least bohemians with makeup and hair stylists and designer chic wardrobes. Hey, you can only common yourself up so much. Some more skin would’ve been nice, but, hey, this is pretending to be Indie, so you can only get away with looking so hot. Enjoy.

Coachella Roundup: Katharine McPhee Bikinis, Katy Perry Cleavage, Tallulah Willis Crotch Shots

I no longer begrudge people who attend Coachella every year, because even though the annual music festival has gone from indie to corporate sell-out-supreme, everybody who goes seems to have a good time, and who am I to piss on someone else’s party. Unless they’re celebrities, then fair game, both the sextastic sightings at the concert and the general observation that the festival has become a giant pimp fest for celebrity couples who look entirely out of place, even roaming the V.I.P. restricted areas.

Celebrities just don’t do pop culture events well. Their wardrobe assistants don’t know how to dress them, they don’t handle their booze and drugs well when not being the wheel of their imported sports cars, and they can’t keep rhythm.

Still, there was Katharine McPhee in a bikini, even though technically she was at a Palm Springs corporate party fifteen miles away, she certainly was our highlight of Coachella. And, along with a bunch of celebs in bikini tops such as Katy Cocktease, the Willis Sisters, and Francesca Eastwood, they made the weekend outdoor event visually palatable. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart (Closed-Mouth Almost) Smile at Coachella! She Also Looked Pretty Hot


Kristen Stewart broke her three year long no-smile tenure this weekend at Coachella. While she could not bring herself to open her mouth, there is a clear cheek bone pattern indicative of a feeling of elation and and upturning of the lips that our judges felt qualified as a smile, leaving Victoria Beckham and her four years, five months, and eleven days and counting no-smiling record intact.

And, to be honest, we smiled too as we saw the dramatically indie hottie Kristen Stewart in some shorts and a loose fitting little shirt that gave us more skin than we typically ever see from the brunette thespianic, outside of being forced to witness her onscreen in a Twilight film. It was all good, and a record breaking day, the day K-Stew smiled, almost kinda sorta. Mark it down. Enjoy.

Coachella Weekend Two Turns Up the Heat with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Paris Hilton, and Kristen Stewart

I can’t tell if Coachella officially died this weekend when Joe Jonas showed up in a fedora to be mobbed by fans or when David Hasselhoff rode around in a mockup of his Knight Rider KIT car, but, to be fair, it probably actually kicked the indie rock bucket a half-dozen years ago. To say it’s sold out to the corporate world is to say The Kardashians love money; it’s simply a given at this point.

Nevertheless, with all the P.R. agents in Hollywood hustling to get their clients into the V.I.P. roped off section at the California desert music and arts event, you are going to find some Tinsel Town hotties representing. This second weekend included a delightfully honest open shirt look from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Billionaire Barbie spastically dancing to the amplified button pushing of her latest virulent boyfriend, and Kristen Stewart who is so indie she refused to let the cameras take her picture, despite, you know, voluntarily entering an area where 100 photographers stood with cameras. Oh, Coachella, R.I.P. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Hotties Up the Coachella Corporate Sell-Outs Offsite

Yep, nothing says indie rock spirit quite like a corporate sponsored VIP party from the Lacoste brand. Well, they done did it. Along with a million dozen other corporate sponsors throwing melon-baller parties at the formerly almost kind of cool music festival out in Indio this weekend. 

The one saving grace? Yep, of course, they invited some hotties. And at the Lacoste party, they got Lea Michele to get all hot and pimpstressy and cleavy, which made us momentarily forget they were just trying to sell country club clothes for a little bit and take in the sites of Lea’s body we’ve seen bikini’d out this past week so we know it’s extra nice. Enjoy.

(P.S. We hare at Egotastic! are hardly against advertising, or selling out, but if you’re going to be charging serious premium dollars for an entry pass, you’ve got to lay off the 360-degrees of aggressive pimping. Let’s face it, nobody wants their well paid escort opening her mouth to utter a commercial before commencing with her business.)