Coachella Roundup: Katharine McPhee Bikinis, Katy Perry Cleavage, Tallulah Willis Crotch Shots

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bill-swift - April 16, 2013

I no longer begrudge people who attend Coachella every year, because even though the annual music festival has gone from indie to corporate sell-out-supreme, everybody who goes seems to have a good time, and who am I to piss on someone else's party. Unless they're celebrities, then fair game, both the sextastic sightings at the concert and the general observation that the festival has become a giant pimp fest for celebrity couples who look entirely out of place, even roaming the V.I.P. restricted areas.

Celebrities just don't do pop culture events well. Their wardrobe assistants don't know how to dress them, they don't handle their booze and drugs well when not being the wheel of their imported sports cars, and they can't keep rhythm.

Still, there was Katharine McPhee in a bikini, even though technically she was at a Palm Springs corporate party fifteen miles away, she certainly was our highlight of Coachella. And, along with a bunch of celebs in bikini tops such as Katy Cocktease, the Willis Sisters, and Francesca Eastwood, they made the weekend outdoor event visually palatable. Enjoy.