Oana Gregory Hits the Green!

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Echo Lawrence - September 9, 2020

Oana Gregory is the first Romanian to ever work for Disney, at least as an actress, I am sure there are plenty of Romanians who have worked at their various theme parks, offices, cruise lines and hotels around the world. You know Disney is not just the happiest place on earth, but the ever encompassing masters of the media who basically have their hand in everything! So Oana Gregory's claim of being the first Romanian hired by Disney may be some misinformation, but you can tell that the Wikipedia page I read because as far as I'm concerned her origin or the country she was born in just doesn't matter. Her heading out on the Golf Course does. You know it shows us all that she likes to stay active, have a good time but more importantly that she supports Golf and for any Golf Enthusiast married to a Golf hater, you can probably appreciate that, maybe even get excited by the idea that Golf is inclusive, diverse and not just for crotchety old men to spend the day away from the family with friends.

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