Tupac Rises from the Dead, Still Ballin’ Hologram Style at Coachella (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 17, 2012

You don't have to be a cynical bastard like myself to realize how badly Coachella has sold what soul it had for the money. And, look, all the power too them. Indie rock festivals hit their high watermark several years ago and have been on the decline ever since. So who can blame a brother for wanting to turn a flatlined businesses into a mega-million dollar corporate sponsored sell-out scheme? I mean, even if that be a dead Tupac Shakur rising in hologram fashion onto the Coachella stage to throw down some lyrics with the still living Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

If you can get past the ludicrousness of it all, the hologram is pretty damn cool (and don't think I'm not getting one here in the office so people think I'm hard at work here behind the desk while I'm out at Ray's Tavern knocking back some morning Seven and Sevens.) Enjoy.