B-Movie Femme Fatale Sara Barrett Sexy Black Bikini in San Dimas

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bill-swift - September 23, 2017

Not every thespianic has the luxury of the A-list and the entourage and free dresses and jewelry for the award ceremonies. Many of the long working dramatic artists toil in the scream queen genre of must-be-made films wherein a monster invades a sorority house because that's simply where monsters are drawn to. Also, some bloggers.

Sara Barrett has appeared in her fair share of low budget horror movies as the blonde babe in trouble. Based upon her still most righteous bikini body into her forties, you can imagine the parts that got her into the most trouble.

As a signal that her on-camera days are far from over, Sara put on a little black bikini show by the lake in Los Angeles. She certainly seems to have several more screams in her. I know I do myself. It's likely we could harmonize in such a manner as we talked about the deep metaphors embedded in Hell's Kitty, and the cinematic like. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News