Bikinis Posts:

Anais Zanotti and Tahiti Cora Hot Bikini Booties in Miami Beach

Oh, hello two of my loveliest lovely bottomed bikini hotties in Miami.

Anais Zanotti and Tahiti Cora wore matching thong bikinis to the beach I guess in a coordinated effort to make men suffer that much more while staring down their absolutely perfect curves and thumpers that must have been built in a factory in heaven by a guy who absolutely loves hot butts. The leg spreading front-side selfies are really just the icing on the tanned and oily and body perfect cake. Oh, to have a slice of that sugary treat. Very well done, Anais and Tahiti. Please, don't rest on your laurels. Or thongs. There is so much left to give. Enjoy.

Poppy Delevingne Bikini Body in Blue Show in Ibiza

I guess she's hanging around her sister too for her birthday lesbionics, but Poppy Delevingne made a sweet bikini appearance of her own.

I think Poppy recently got married, as if I care about the men in her life, though like her sister she maintains the au natural slender frame and the love of being a super pale British person hoping not to burn to Hades beneath the strong sun in the Mediterranean. She certainly cuts a sweet and lithesome pose, looking rather nymph like in her bright blue bikini. I tend to like a girl with a little more meat on her bones, but given a few sandwiches and the right kind of locked-in-a-bedroom-loving for 72 straight hours with nothing but cookies and YooHoo sodas, I bet I could whip her into less great shape. That is my specialty. Enjoy.

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Lust Affair in Hawaii Continues

It's hard to imagine there are any poses left for Alessandra Ambrosio to strike during her multi-bikini hot mommy vacation in Hawaii, but if there are, she's going to find them. On day five here of me being extremely jealous of her cocktail straws and what she does in the form of nibbling, chewing, and, of course, sucking, the Brazilian V.S. model continues to find new tiny bikinis and preening positions to excite the sense and elate the onlookers.

I'm pretty sure that shot of Alessandra lounging in the shoreline with the waves lapping up between her bikini bottoms has now officially made me jealous of the Pacific Ocean. Sure, call humans the highest life form. That body of water sure seems to be getting the better end today. Enjoy.

Natalie Burn Heats up Santa Monica In Pink Bikini

Natalie Burn is about to get very well known from her role in Expendables 3. The brunette hottie took to the beachs of Los Angeles to celebrate with a leaping, preening, posing pink bikini photoshoot to let you know that while you may compliment her acting skills, if you're not staring open jawed at her bikini body, you're not properly appreciating her gifts.

I love it when we get to meet a brand new girl who will Heisman me with a stiff arm should I get within her personal space. I find taking a hand or foot to the face the height of romance. Natalie looks like a kicker too. Just guessing. Welcome to Egotastic!, Natalie. Pull up a chair. No, not that one, that one, that sinks deep next to me. Linger awhile. Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Topless Bikini Changing And Asstastic Delights to Double Assault the Leering Senses in Miami


We know the competition for exhibition attention on Miami Beach is tough, so when Italian actress Sveva Alviti took her top off yesterday for some topless sunbathing time in South Florida, word got around really fast that the bar had been raised. Err, the bikini tops had been raised at least. Her fellow countrywoman Laura Cremaschi was the first to accept the gauntlet.

While we've been checking out Laura's ridiculously fine female form for the past year or so, and that exceptional Italian booty, today she climbed into the stratosphere with her compatriot by showing off her tan-lined funbags of joy all wet and succulent from a bath in Neptune's playground. I really need to learn how to say, thank you for this very happy boner, in Italian. It's important to always be polite. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Has Bikini Asstastic Posing Down to One Sexy Science

I'm not sure exactly how many PSI that major league booty on Michelle Lewin can apply in terms of raw force, but I imagine it's enough to rip out each and every one of your vital organs if you cross it. At least you'll go out happy.

The Venezuelan body builder, model, and fitness trainer has certainly perfect the raised lateral thumper pose on Miami beach these past several months, turning arse into an actual work of engineering art that has necks cranking all along the seaboard. I can't imagine being comfortable in a swim suit around Michelle Lewin for very long. Race you to the cold showers, only let's walk so we don't draw embarrassing attention. Enjoy.

Lourdes Leon Black Bikini Smoking Hot Time in the South of France

Lourdes Leon surely has been putting on the big time celebrity daughter exhibition scene in Cannes and environs around the Riviera these past couple of weeks. A new bikini each day befitting her nubile teen form. We're not allowed to speak of it fully, although it does appear Lourdes is able to smoke a little doobie, which only looks like a wonderful time while hanging at the beach.

I'm not sure if Lourdes is going to go onto celebrity stardom herself. She does actively market and promote her mom's clothing lines and runs her own blog diary and some other social media enterprises. She certainly has the raw talent for the spotlight. Talents. I've said too much! Enjoy.