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Kimberley Garner Flashing Hot Tush and Ta-Ta’s In Her Own Swimsuit Line

I happen to be in deep unending lust with the hot little bottom on TOWIE alum Kimberley Garner. Since her reality show publicity bump, Kimberley has been busy modeling bikinis, dating celebrity guys, and developing her own line of swimwear, which based entirely upon how she wore her own suit in Greece over the weekend, I have to believe is going to be a top seller.

Yes, Kimberley is one of those hot little minxy blondes who is sextastic all over. But I'd be lying if I didn't share with you that I shared with her tight little thong bum how much I adore it more than all her other feminine parts. It was meant to be a secret, but the kitties out of the bag now, as it were. That tush on Kimberley is simply outrageous. I'd go to war over those cheeks just for the chance to return home one day to gently slap them and call them by some cute pet names. Kimberley, you had me at swimsuit Fall sale. I'm ready to buy it all. Enjoy.

Rihanna Butt Nekkid And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Rihanna and other pop divas had quite a summer of flashing body parts (Idolator)

Genevieve Morton has the body of a girl goddess (Hollywood Tuna)

Ronda Kamihira is Bruce Jenner's new squeeze and kind of hot actually (TMZ)

Hilary Duff is one big bosomed fairy for Halloween (HuffPo)

Xenia Deli wears lingerie like it's everybody's business (DrunkenStepfather)

Kristen Stewart has boobs and ass, who knew! (Popoholic)

Charlotte McKinney and her blonde racktastic barely in a bikini (TheSuperficial)

Do you want to see the Playboy Halloween Party pics? Yeah you do (COED)

Jasmine Tookes Bikini Body Exhibition Time Along the Miami Beach Shoreline

Jasmine Tookes has strutted the Victoria's Secret catwalk before. A fun place to walk no doubt, but not nearly as fun for as as catching our lingerie wearing pimpstresses more candidly captured and clad in bikinis along some sunny beach as in Miami, the sandy home of international hotness. Jasmine chose a lovely lavender to ensure we didn't miss her long lean and sultry present along the beach. A nice reminder that Victoria's Secret could use perhaps some more hot women of color in their lingerie hawking enterprise.

If I'm being honest, we cut Jasmine's boyfriend out of all these pictures. People often ask me why I do that and if it's related to not wanting stupid guys to ruin photos or if it's just a case of me being jealous of men who snoggle women well beyond my reach. The answer is yes. Enjoy

Kat Torres Sells Some Fancy Water In A Sexy Bikini

Brazilian hottie Kat Torres did a hot bikini shoot for 138 Water in Malibu. She wore a very revealing bikini that showed off her choice assets. I've said before that I don't know how they do it but Brazil produces some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Kat is definitely in that category. She's thin, tight, and gorgeous. Her funbags are just the right size for her body so she doesn't look ridiculous with some over-sized fakies. Instead, her boobies are of the perky-pert variety. But let's talk about her booty. It is a sight to behold and luckily the bikini shows off a lot of it. No one does butts like the Brazilians. Have you ever seen footage of their Carnivale? It's like heaven for a butt man. In the pics Kat also does a lot of high sidekicks which kind of give her a bit of camel toe. This is good...very good.

I don't know what marketing genius over at 138 Water came up with the idea of having hot women in bikinis hold their product but they deserve a promotion.

Iris Kavka Bikinis Like A Pro And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Iris Kavka is spectacularly sexy in these bikini pics. (Hollywood Tuna)

Drya Michelle shows off some cleave and discusses sex life. (TMZ)

Jamie Lynn Sigler has a spectacular pair of paisans, if you know what I mean. (Drunken Stepfather)

Daniela Lopez Osorio is raising my heart rate in these sportswear pics. (Popoholic)

Chrissy Teigen forgets to wear a shirt and it's good. (The Superficial)

Cara Delevinge grabs her boobies to save your nuts. (COED)

Lisa Ann shows off funbags and shows off new boyfriend. (Busted Coverage)

Genevieve Morton Bikini Outtakes Are Nipple Poking Fun Times

Genevieve Morton simply has one of the finest bikini bodies on this planet. At least the parts that we've mapped as of yet. Body mapping is my specialty, you should see my protractor. Ahem. The point is, Genevieve Morton is the current toast of the bikini modeling world, having gotten her big SI break to become a much bigger name, face, and most definitely body in the world of two piece hot swimsuit pimping.

In these outtakes from Gavin Bond's bikini pictorial, and yes, outtakes are always better than intakes, Genevieve shows that even in her photos that didn't make it to press, damn, she is one outrageously sextastic nipple poking buxom vixen. I really do envy the sun for touching her with its rays. Though maybe a tad more envy toward her boyfriend who gets to touch her with more than just UV rays. Oh, to be the man who gets to ice down those headlights for photoshoots. Dare to dream the perfect job dream. So hot. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Bodily Faptastic Exhibition in Miami

If you're a fitness instructor to other hot bodied celebrity, why not advertise for your services by showing off your own results. Michelle Lewin couldn't do any better advertising thant exhibiting her stellar taut curves and eye-catching bikini body in Miami. Want to look like me? Hire me? Heck, if I were a woman looking to own half the world with my thong covered booty, I'd sign up yesterday. I'm not, so I'm just going to watch for free if it's all the same.

Miami Beach has become the single toughest locale for sextastic bikini body competition. You don't just show up with an okay body and expect to earn tickets redeemable for stuffed animals and paddle balls at the end of the day. There are serious models with seriously hard workouts and seriously outrageously hot bodies lining the sandy shores. This is the show. Come properly equipped or don't come at all. That probably seems harsh from a man who children point at and scream when he takes his shirt off at the public pool. But, what the hell. Michelle Lewin has raised the bar. Enjoy.