Yulia Rose Bikini Hottie Pimping Kasa Kai

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bill-swift - August 27, 2017

Russian model Yulia Rose is amazing in body and mind. Body you can see evidenced in her bikini shoots which reveal a faptastic body dropped from the heavens. And by mind, I thank her for changing her name to something so simple even I can spell it. This is not something that should have to be done, but in a perfect world, I'm able to spell the name of every woman I wish to bed for the next seventeen minutes.

Yulia took her stellar smoking hot body out to the water for Kasa Kai Swimwear. As you know, the world has 1,798 swimwear lines for the ladies, while maybe three are needed. They're swimsuits. Like music, we need three to four streaming services to compete on price. In swimsuits, the upside of the massive number of participants is how many sextastic models they hire and photograph pushing their merch. Benefit to us, the happy go lucky ogler.

If focusing your vision on Yulia doesn't want to make you go out and get a hot Russian model girlfriend of your own, you're not leering properly. She's all that. Do people still say that? I do. I adapt to new ideas slowly. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Kasa Kai Swimwear