Bella Thorne the Weed Pusher!

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Echo Lawrence - September 14, 2020

Bella Thorne is many things and one of those things is a weed dealer, which is pretty crazy because dealers have never looked like this. With marijuana being legalized in several states, Bella the business woman started farming her own crop to sell under her weed brand called Forbidden Flowers. So she’s not just a big weed smoker, she’s also making her money back as she puffs away on her new namesake strain.

To promote her newest strain of flowers called Midnight Thornberry, Bella shot this short video of her walking around a pool with a bunch of rolled joints in her hand and jars of weed in her clear plastic purse. The new strain is said to be “A cross between ‘Devils Johnson’ and ‘Hell’s Fire OG’, Midnight Thornberry was bred special for Bella. It’s an indica heavy strain with a high potency, perfect for relaxing and melting away the stress that comes from a demanding schedule.”

Bella Thorne is the most productive pot head ever!

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