Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Are Sideboob-Mama-Licious in Miami

I’m not ashamed to say that I’d like to have biblical relations with a woman old enough to be my sugar mama.

Our Rita Rusic bikini lust adventure continues on the Southeast corner of the U.S, and the South-middle sections of our own private spaces as we leer at yet another sweet small bikini on the body of 52-year old Rita Rusic, flashing side boob, cleavage, and a tummy that we want to slather in baby oil and rub until we’ve created fire.

This is some obsession we got going here, a December-May romance where hopefully we get to meet in September or so for a weekend of sweaty fun at our regular Red Roof Inn room with coffee maker. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Bring the Mature Sexy Back to the Beach

Wow, it seems like it’s been forever since Rita Rusic has shown her 50+ year old super hot bikini body on the beach, although it’s been a couple months if that really, an eternity of missing this elder-MILFs beach bum and boobtastic as she satiates every aspect of her mid-life goodness complete with young boy toy, tiny bikinis, and beach lounging most months of the year.

It’s not just that we fantasize so heavily about this hot-bodied veteran sextastic simply because we have mommy issues, but that is certainly a good part of it. And with her brand new bikini, adding to her repertoire of fine two-piece exhibition bits, we are so very glad to have Rita back. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Shakes Her Bikini Clad Cans and Keester in Miami Beach Dog and Booby Show

Our lady of the ridiculously hot mature woman’s body, Rita Rusic, did what she does best over the weekend, in fact, did what is all she seems to do these days, hit the beach in Miami with her pooch for some suntanning in between rounds of making the sexy with her much younger boyfriend.

Oh, sure, we can judge all we want, but if we were well-off and single and living the life we all dreamed, we’d probably be hanging at the beach all day too, in between return visits to the upscale beach condo where our young concubine awaits nekkid for our return. Sounds perfectly good to me. And Rita looks good to me (there is something to be said for the older lady waiting for you back at the condo as well). Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Bring Out the Turquoise Blue Boobtastic Cougar Lust

I chastised Cousin Jonathan for using the word ‘turquoise’ this morning in our office. I get a funny feeling about guys who reference the names of colors beyond the Top 10 common color names or so. You start using ‘magenta’ and ‘puce’ and ‘taupe’ around me and I start wondering if you’re the right guy to be spotting my mighty 150 lb bench presses at the gym.

But, indeed, we are running out of color descriptions for the bikinis of Rita Rusic, the 51-year old Euro-hottie film producer turned Miami Beach regular and maker of the sexy with the cougar cubs. She’s out on the beach attracting much younger men in her skimpy bits of colored cloth barely covering her impossibly hot older woman body several days a week now; she must own 30 different bikinis, in the least. And we’ve been happy to admire every single one of them. Perhaps chartreuse will be next. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Is Back on a Roll; We Are Back Imagining Her As the Super Hot Neighbor Lady

Ms. Daniels we called her back in the day. She was the mom on the block that we boys couldn’t do enough for. Carried groceries, helped unload her car, cleaned out her basement, we would have gone down the drain pipe in search of her forever lost wedding ring had it meant that her oft-traveling husband would just stay out of town that much longer. Cause Ms. Daniels wasn’t just the hot neighbor lady, she was the hot neighbor lady with the bodacious ta’s that had every boy within half a click of puberty ferociously pawing their gunny sacks in every available private moment. The day Ms. Daniels moved out of the area, a horde of teen boys showed up outside her house to weep openly as like little girl children. Somebody suggested we build a shrine. But that never got past committee stage.

All of these pubescent feelings and oh so much more well up again upon seeing Rita Rusic these days in her barely covering hot older mom bikini poses along Miami Beach. And it’s not just the ridiculously hot, inexplicably hot, body on this 51-year old temptress of young men that kills us; it’s knowing that she’s using that body daily for its righteous purpose with her cougar cub boyfriend that makes it all that much more impaling of our semi-formed male hearts. Life truly is bittersweet. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue to Tantalize Potential Cougar Cubs Everywhere

Granted, we have cut out the appearance of the current half-her-age boy toy, but at some point the 51-year old wonderment hottie known as Rita Rusic will be searching for other cubs to visit her lioness den (which I believe is just ‘neath her bikini), so we must wait in line for our turn, politely, drooling.

The timeless bikini MILF pretty much seems to be spending her days on Miami Beach, flashing her inexplicably hot body by day, and pounding the sheets with her young gentleman friend by night (with probably a few day time quickie boot knocks as well). It’s quite a life. It’s quite a body. I guess the two go hand in hand. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures For More Wicked Hot Moms Over 50 Week

I’m still not quite recovered from ogling Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley yesterday, when along comes more bodacious bikini pictures of 51-year old Rita Rusic, flashing her hot veteran mom body on Miami beach once more.

It’s not just that these ridiculously hot older women are flashing bodies that are absolutely killing boys half their age, it’s just that… no wait, that’s exactly it.  If I could do the math, I could figure out how many times my own age goes into Rita Rusic’s, but my age is not really what I’m thinking about putting into her at the moment (and, yes, that means exactly what it sounds like).

I think something bad happens to the time space continuum when older women remain this incredibly hot, something bad, but also something very very good. Enjoy.