Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Provide A Sweet Mama Boob Slip in Miami

Rita Rusic Nipple Slip in Red Bikini on Miami Beach
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Oh, mama, it’s about time. After all this cub-to-cougar leering at Rita Rusic and her half-century bikini wonderments several times a week this entire Winter in Miami, finally the veteran Euro-hottie provides us with a blessed full on slip of her full mama melon beneath her poorly adjusted bikini. I mean, we do deserve this. Do we judge while Rita spends her days in a tiny bikini dry humping her half-her-age boyfriend on the beach daily? No, we do not (although, we do get terribly jealous). All good things should come to women who share of themselves, especially bare slipping funbags on the beach, those women deserve many many good things.

Rita Rusic, red bikini, wardrobe malfunction, like a little bit of Santa in late March. Enjoy.


Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Will Adjust Your Thinking About Older Women

You already know my feeling about the veteran hotties. Experience and wisdom plus a bodacious body equals a woman who makes the perfect instructor for a younger man looking to gain knowledge in the area of carnal matters.

At 51, Rita Rusic not only has the killer body, but she’s now just plain old flaunting it along the South Florida coast, her decades younger boyfriend off in the water somewhere, the Italian film producer just giving a visual peek-a-boo shoutout to younger gentlemen oglers along the beach to let them know that mama might still be looking for more cubs. Whelp. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Keeps Her Veteran Bikini Hotness Train Rolling

Since we’re celebrating veteran hotness and sextastic mommy-figures today, how fortuitous that 51-year old wonderment Rita Rusic hit Miami Beach in another round of her mature-woman bikini fantasy inducement tour that has young men along a seventeen mile strip of South Florida developing cases of carpal tunnel syndrome this winter. Invest in companies manufacturing wrist supports now, people.

Lovely Rita, we need to send you a Hallmark card or something to say thanks. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Is 50+ and Braless; We Dig

Just shy of turning 52, our be-lusted Italian film producer hot mama, Rita Rusic, not only shines in her older wise sexy woman bikini moments, but also completely without makeup, or bra, walking her pet down the streets of Miami, just providing enough nipple poking tease to make the young boys in the area alert with naughty old neighbor lady visions. At least, that’s what happening here to me at the moment.

Yes, fun bags remains quite fun at all ages, young men. And when they’re attached to a wizened woman with worldly ways, you can bet they’re more play fun than just show off pieces. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue to Stoke our Adult Nursing Relationship Fantasies

Dr. Shoemacher P. Jones, my new shrink and a graduate of a prestigious online university, tells me that my ceaseless desire to suckle the melons of hot older women goes back to my childhood when my mother refused to nurse me once in a public shopping center while I cried out with hunger pains. Granted, I was eleven at the time, so mom felt awkward, but the childhood traumas do run deep.

And now I must live with a tightness in my jaw every time I see the amazingly hot for her age Rita Rusic prancing and posing along Miami beach where she does her near daily bikini waltzes like a temptress straight from the underworld, exhibiting her veteran sextastic and a body that makes me want to scream out, ‘Mama, I’m so hungry.’ And when Rita starts grabbing her crotch to adjust her bikini bottoms, I just want to cry out, ‘Need more towels here, please.’

Such a whirlwind of happy feelings this women brings upon me. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Continues Her Banging Body and Knocking Boots Exhibition in Miami

Our absolutely favorite sexy celebrity over 50, the ageless wonder Rita Rusic continued to flaunt her hot half-century old body in Miami over the weekend in two separate bikinis, showing off her inexplicably hot toned bosmy bikini body, not to mention having all kind of heavy petting fun with the new dudes she’s often seen with whose name we do not know, but whose age we put at somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years younger than Rita. 

And, good for her, because what’s good for the goose, is good for our long slow ganders at Rita Rusic suntanning, squirming, dressing, undressing, and pretty much anything else she does in one of her thirty seven or so bikinis and little dresses she uses to extra-cougar strutting to and from her poolside body work space. It truly is something you have no choice but to behold. A wonder(ful) of nature. Enjoy

Rita Rusic Black and Green Bikini Pictures in Miami