Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Will Toss Your Salad

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bill-swift - January 12, 2012

Rita Rusic is putting on a display not before seen in the Egotastic! celebrity world, a 50+ year old woman repeatedly crushing the visual gonadal regions of male peepers along the Florida Coast for a couple months now, as the Italian film producer and super sextastic veteran flaunts her inexplicably hot body and shows off her young boy toy man-mate, which only pisses us off a little, as we repeatedly submitted our own resume for that job months ago. Guess we need to work on the abs.

What is Rita Rusic? She's hope. She's hope that the younger celebrity hotties we so very much dig in a profoundly spiritual manner will have long long runs of exhibitionist splendor. The idea of ogling Victoria Justice for the next 35 years makes me want to start eating more vegetables. Enjoy.