Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue to Stoke our Adult Nursing Relationship Fantasies

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bill-swift - January 28, 2012

Dr. Shoemacher P. Jones, my new shrink and a graduate of a prestigious online university, tells me that my ceaseless desire to suckle the melons of hot older women goes back to my childhood when my mother refused to nurse me once in a public shopping center while I cried out with hunger pains. Granted, I was eleven at the time, so mom felt awkward, but the childhood traumas do run deep.

And now I must live with a tightness in my jaw every time I see the amazingly hot for her age Rita Rusic prancing and posing along Miami beach where she does her near daily bikini waltzes like a temptress straight from the underworld, exhibiting her veteran sextastic and a body that makes me want to scream out, 'Mama, I'm so hungry.' And when Rita starts grabbing her crotch to adjust her bikini bottoms, I just want to cry out, 'Need more towels here, please.'

Such a whirlwind of happy feelings this women brings upon me. Enjoy.