Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Put Us in a Purple Haze of GILF Addiction

You know how much we taboo lust the 50-something Rita Rusic and the bikini shows she puts on along the stretch of beach in Miami near her sex-shack bungalow where she keeps her stable of boy toys half her age. Okay, so we made that last part up, kind of.

Well, now the GILF has gone purple and added it to her repertoire of big veteran hottie cleavage reveals and her love of laying spread eagle in the sun like a raccoon laid out on roof top seeking some bits of pleasurable heats to warm its cockles in the colder winter months. Only, unlike the raccoon, we’re kind of digging checking out Rita’s between-leg parts. It’s all good in Rusic bikini land. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani, Natasha Poly, and Rita Rusic Form a Multi-Generational Multi-National Bikini Hotness Spectacle in Miami

Let’s start with the caveat that we’d trade our left nut for the chance to employ our remaining jewel in or around the sweet delights of any one (or more) of Italian model Claudia Romani

Russian fashion model Natasha Poly

or our supreme mommy dearest transplant, Rita Rusic

all three of whom appeared in bikinis in Miami as part of an legal alien invasion of the most awesome kind. If we can keep exporting the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, and receiving Claudia, Natasha, and Rita in return, I’d call us coming out on top in the Trans-Atlantic trade department. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Soaks up the Miami Sun in a Green Bikini

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue Our GILF Affair

After a few weeks absence from showing off her 50-something hot body and 20-something boy toy on the beaches of Miami, our favorite silver fox, Rita Rusic, is back in a tiny bikini, flashing more of her age-defying veteran bikini body and simply can’t stop looking.

Sure, part of it is sheer jealous, waiting for our own sweet wicked bodied elder stateswoman to invite us into her cave of warm wisdom, and part of it is just plain old bikini body lust. Either way, we’d desperately love to partake in a bit of strip backgammon and pray for double-sixes. Oh, lovely Rita. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Flaunt More More More of the Hot Mama Boobtastic

Editor’s Note: Yes, thank you, we too did take note of what is going on in Picture #8 with Rita Rusic. Go see for yourself in case you missed it.

Well, hello hot lovely Rita Rusic, veteran temptress from the beach.

The 50-something wunderkind of bikini bodiness made another show of her seasoned sextastic wares along the sandy shores of Miami, like the Siren of South Florida, tempting men half her age, or a third really, into reflexive fantasies of the wanton housewife from the block who lures boys into her home under false pretense, and those boys couldn’t be happier. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Shows Off Her Miami Beach Body in a Tiny Bikini

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue to Flash Smaller and Smaller Bikinis (and Why That Is a Good Thing)

Well, hello, dearly be-lusted 50-something hot bikini mom, Rita Rusic. It’s been far too long since last we saw you suntanning on Miami Beach in bikinis so tiny that women half your age would shrink in modesty. But you are not a modest woman, Rita. You are a bold, baring, daring, and boobtastic veteran hottie flaunting her wares to lure men half your age into the hot clutches of a lucky bastard lifetime.

And this is why we lust for you so deeply. Enjoy.