Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures GILFtastic in Blue

The ageless faptastic wonder Rita Rusic is back in Miami with what appears to be either her son or a very young boyfriend and since they’re kissing a lot, I’m going to say very young boyfriend, and that superior veteran hot bikini body of hers. Wowzer, 53, 54, I can’t do numbers right now calculating my eyeballs on to the veteran body that probably is as much a teacher as a soft set of happy resting pillows.

Rita Rusic reminds us that the sextastic isn’t something that fades, it only really changes form, often in the most alluring ways. The idea of a 50-something woman turning heads on the beach in her bikini is just another check off on the list of why this world is ever so wonderful. Rita Rusic, you and your timeless knockers and sweet body are an inspiration, especially to my happy parts. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini GILFtastic Shines Once More in Yellow in Miami

Rita Rusic need not bother herself with the goings-on along the beach with the young girls competing for eyeballs in the long list of lovely ladies for hot bodied attention. She’s merited the honor of being the hottie belle of the veteran bikini body ball, the 50-something sextastic mature bikini princess knowing what she’s got and knowing it’s more than enough for her young boy toys and the gentleman oglers such as myself who drop their Crackerjack boxes to run over and catch a glimpse of her still righteous curves.

With age comes wisdom. And if you’re Rita Rusic, it also comes with some delightfully appealing soft and funtime sextastic curves that I’d like to massage in morning and make sore again in the evenings. Rita, call me. We can discuss my mommy issues more in depth. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Dominance Continues in The GILF Category

Every time Rita Rusic disappears from her hot mature lady spot on the beach in Miami I like to imagine she’s been off for a couple weeks at some kind of private island orgy. Probably not, but, man, is that fun to imagine.

The first lady of bikini veteran hotness has returned to her throne on the beach, her epic 50-something body on full display for oglers of all ages to admire, inspect, and draw inspiration from. There will come a day when we no longer stalk and ogle Rita and gasp as she unfurls her motherly funags. But that day is not today. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini GILFtastic Returns to the Beach in Florida

Where have you been all my 2014, my darling ageless bikini beauty Rita Rusic. We’ve missed your veteran sextastic goodness along the beach the past month or longer. Sure, it’s been nice to see the young girls prancing on the beach, but when the queen comes out in her pink bikini from a winter hibernation of making the sexy with young men, it’s time to shift the spotlight to the veteran hottie set.

Rita Rusic continues to defy her 50-something age is just a number with such chaise lounge chair allure that I keep checking the wanted ads to see if she’s hiring a cabana boy. I could easily help her on and off with her clothes at the beach, rub in the SPF 50, and make sure all the freckles on her bubbly chest are perfect aligned to the evening sky’s constellations. I’m quite thorough when it comes to ridiculously hot older ladies. Very thorough. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Provides GILFtastic Booty Cheek Hanging Goodness

Would it be wrong of me to say I was ogling the exposed butt cheeks of a 50-something year old woman long the beach this holiday weekend? Well, if staring with the intent to fondle is a crime, then put me in GILFtastic prison, because I could not stop checkout out the derriere cheeks of our veteran hottie friend Rita Rusic who was exposing her lower seat cleave beneath a not-so-cover-up along the beach in Miami over the holiday.

Now, I’m not suggesting we start advising AARP members to start letting it all hang out at the beach, but there should be a top 1% category, the silver foxes or such, where public displays of skinhibition are readily promoted and rewarded with savings to local Early Bird dinner spots or such. I know I’d like to take Rita’s sweet cheeks out for a meal. Or take in. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Dominate the GILFtastic Two Piece Field

There’s not that much straight up competition in the 50-and-over hot bikini body category, which is an achievement in and of itself. But whatever competition there is is being dominated still by former actress turned producer Rita Rusic who continues to tan and play in the water in young ladies’ swimwear in between rounds of making the sexy with her young man boyfriend.

It’s hard to put into words just how alluring I find older women with ridiculously hot bodies. But if forced to use words, the string would begin with ‘mommy’ and end somewhere 10-20 words later with ‘please’. Just the chance to be the suntan lotion boy for Rita would please me to no end and, simultaneously, all ends. It’s simply unfair for a mature woman to look this hot. I cry foul. And that ‘please’ thing. Enjoy.

GILF Alert! Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Are Grey Goosing My Libido

I almost can’t stand to look at 50-something hottie Rita Rusic in her bikinis any longer. This fetish of mine for older super hot ladies is just something I should probably try to contain, rather than indulge by staring endlessly at the endlessly lust-inducing bikini body of this veteran Italian hottie. But indulging sure does feel better than containing, especially when Rita herself is seemingly more than willing to be ogled, leered, and overall just appreciated for her half-century measure of female form fineries.

Meh, self-control is for others. I choose to partake on the grounds of principle. Also, I can pretend it’s just my job five days a week. Enjoy.