Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures GILFtastic in Blue

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bill-swift - September 9, 2014

The ageless faptastic wonder Rita Rusic is back in Miami with what appears to be either her son or a very young boyfriend and since they're kissing a lot, I'm going to say very young boyfriend, and that superior veteran hot bikini body of hers. Wowzer, 53, 54, I can't do numbers right now calculating my eyeballs on to the veteran body that probably is as much a teacher as a soft set of happy resting pillows.

Rita Rusic reminds us that the sextastic isn't something that fades, it only really changes form, often in the most alluring ways. The idea of a 50-something woman turning heads on the beach in her bikini is just another check off on the list of why this world is ever so wonderful. Rita Rusic, you and your timeless knockers and sweet body are an inspiration, especially to my happy parts. Enjoy.