Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Yet Another GILFtastic Bit of Glorious Viewing

Rita Rusic not only defies age, she’s helping many men half her age defy the very laws of gravity. Not the least of which is her lucky bastard 20-something boy toy who seems to be hanging around her Miami Beach visits these days, though we cut him out of the photos since men are stupid and boring and lame, while women are hot and interesting and awesome.

Especially 50-something GILFs with still spectacular bikini bodies who spend their days keeping their skin tan and their hearth ready to be poked. I think you poke a hearth. I live in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t really know, but I would like to ask Rita if it was allowed. If we were alone, discussing how age is only a number, just like two, as in the number of minutes I’d give her my full burst of male passion. Rita Rusic in a pink bikini. Who would’ve thunk this could be so good? Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Your GILFtastic Summer Sunshine Inspiration

Lovely Rita Rusic is back and looking happier than ever.  Which could have something to do with living the life of a hot bikini grandma on the beach in Miami, complete with a full-time FWB half her age to keep her feeling loose and lovely. Oh, how I wish I had that job. Not that I don’t love you all, but I’d surrender this gig in a heartbeat for the role of lotioner, toweler, and making-her-feel-naughty boy toy to the inexplicably hot bodied 53-year old Italian actress and movie producer.

Every time Rita reaches the beach, she seems to bring out a colorful new bikini to make sure that every ogling gentleman within five klicks can see her curvaceous veteran body. It’d be a sin not to look really. And I eschew sin at every opportunity. Sort of. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Your Teasing GILFtastic Needs

Naughty naughty Rita Rusic.

The now 53-year old sextastic bikini wearing Italian filmmaker and former actress was licking and preening once more on the beach in Miami, not being shy about showing off her man toy half her age, not to mention her female fun parts, slightly older. We do so love this exhibitionist veteran hottie, still working it but good.

Oh, hottie grandma, the places we would go and the things we would see. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Continue Their Senior Tour of Hotness

I’m forever mystified by the grandmotherly hotness of Rita Rusic and her neverending stream of different color bikinis to show off for the gentleman oglers along the area of Miami Beach where Rita consorts with her much younger boyfriend.

For her trip down mammary lane this week, Rita chose a pale purple, a nice offset to her semi-tan 50-something hot body. I’m not sure if she spins a wheel each day to decide upon her bikini, or she just slips on what will come off easiest as she races back to her beach pad to maintain her randy beau, but whatever her methods, it’s forever working for Lovely Rita. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for the Return of the GILF!

I’m not sure where our favorite 50+ year old veteran bikini hottie has been laying low, but we do know she’s still boffing that boy half her age, which seems to be the key to keeping her looking eternally youthful and stellar hot in her little bikinis.

Rita Rusic chose blue for her comeback to the beach bikini in Miami, blue the color of the ocean and the color I’ve been staring at in patches barely covering the fun parts of this wicked hot GILF. Welcome back, Rita. We have missed you so. How about a game of strip gin rummy? Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Provide the Perfectly Purple Boobtastic Adjustment

Oh, dear sweet older hot Rita Rusic is back at her hot teasy beach ways, this time in a little purple number that is giving us quite the anatomical grimace.

When it comes to women over fifty, Rita Rusic really and truly almost stands, err, struts, err, spreads and caresses, alone. Just one super fine GILF applying her exhibition skills on the beach in Miami. There must be a line of boys a mile long begging to help Rita in from the car with her groceries. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Back in Black With Sextastic Crack

Does she walk, does she talk, does she come complete, my GILFtastic veteran hottie always pulled me from my seat.

Rita Rusic is back in black on the beach in Miami continuing what seems now like a never-ending beach and boys vacation lifestyle that she is so blessedly sharing with us by way of the best parts, her bikini struts about the beach, flashing her 50-something amazingly desirable body in various two-piece colors.

It’s not so much that we just want to make the sexy with Rita Rusic as we want to take her to our office Christmas party, have everybody titter and giggle about how we brought our ‘mom’ as our date, then photo-capture their snickering eyeballs as we are discovered boinking our ‘mom’ in the copy room. It’s kind of just like that. Enjoy.