Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Your GILFtastic Summer Sunshine Inspiration

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bill-swift - June 24, 2013

Lovely Rita Rusic is back and looking happier than ever.  Which could have something to do with living the life of a hot bikini grandma on the beach in Miami, complete with a full-time FWB half her age to keep her feeling loose and lovely. Oh, how I wish I had that job. Not that I don't love you all, but I'd surrender this gig in a heartbeat for the role of lotioner, toweler, and making-her-feel-naughty boy toy to the inexplicably hot bodied 53-year old Italian actress and movie producer.

Every time Rita reaches the beach, she seems to bring out a colorful new bikini to make sure that every ogling gentleman within five klicks can see her curvaceous veteran body. It'd be a sin not to look really. And I eschew sin at every opportunity. Sort of. Enjoy.