Pippa Middleton

Michelle Trachtenberg and Pippa Middleton Battle It Out in Wintry Weather Schoolgirl Looks

Battle Schoolgirl!

Granted, Michelle Trachetenberg was actually portraying a real schoolgirl on the set of Gossip Girl, while Pippa Middleton was merely walking the streets of London wearing a plaid kilt of her Scottish heritage, still, in the mind of any half-devious male, this clearly was a battle of naughty school girls, even in the freezing cold temps, attempting to garner the attentions of dirty old men everywhere (and right here included). 

For all the lash, and backlash, surrounding this past summer’s Pippa hype, she still fared very well in early voting in our annual awards, so we know the home fires still burn for Pippa in the places where home fires do burn in men; and as for Michelle, we simply don’t get to see enough of this little hottie, so even clothed in the winter, a school girl look from Michelle is enough to re-ignite many old and lingering passions.

Who takes the school girl pie?

Pippa Middleton Schoolgirl Skirt in London

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Pippa Middleton Bends Over to Give the Ogling World a Regal Butt Shot

Now we’re talking.

Every day as the Britty type paps chase the royal first sister about London on her important days between the gym and the coffee shop and her extremely important job, I psychically beg of them to just take a moment to circle around the Pippa Middleton bum-side for a delicious view of the seat warmer we first fell in lust with at the Bill and Kate hullabaloo wedding. And, today, we finally have our round mound of candid fun. Bullseye on the rumptastic bottom.

Somewhere birds are chirping, and children are laughing mirthfully in the park, because today, we have a most excellent ogle of the regal beagle. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton All Neat and Shiny and Cleavy at Boodles Boxing Ball

I think it’s time to admit that our lust for the first regal sister has waned of late, what with the rumors of her padded asstastic at the Royal Wedding, and with the paparazzi obsession with her purchase of coffee each morning at Starbucks, there was definitely a wane. But, I’m pleased to announce that Pippa Middleton is back! In a big way. In a big, dressed up in a chest baring dress for the Boodles Boxing Ball, which I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it’s co-sponsored by a beer company, so I’m bound to consider it benevolent. But back to Pippa, my Pippa, and my only chance for royal bloodline. Girl, put your red dress on, daddy’s coming over to make some Dukes and Earls. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton Upskirt Pictures Finally Emerge!

From the deceitful depths of ThighGina® finally do emerge some wonderfully candid looks at the first sisters panties. Blessedly, one wily paparazzi clicked fast enough to catch the upskirt flash from Pippa Middleton in the front row at Fashion Week, as her legs finally had to unclench beneath her wee short dress. Now we’re talking.

It’s been almost four months since last we saw up the skirt of the sister of the future Queen of England, and while it’s hard to say what has changed in Pippa’s drawers, it’s easy to say that we’d like to see even more. A regal flash of the bird is certainly worth two in the bush. Enjoy.