Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton at Fashion Week and the Making of a ThighGina® Scandal

Well, there was a mild fury yesterday when it looked like the royal sister, Pippa Middleton, was back at her flashing finest, this time, even perhaps blaring the bugle horn of bare womanhood beneath her short dress in the front row of London’s Fashion Week. (And, might I add, that that front row for the ladies, with photographers stretched out on the floor before them — genius idea, Fashion Week planners, and thanks.) Well, we did receive emails from many of you about the unleashing of the regal beagle, but, alas, upon further examination in our Cooch Science Investigations (CSI) laboratory, what millions of gaping jaw pre-fappers were eyeballing was none other than our own coined phrase, ThighGina®.

For those who do not recall, ThighGina® comes about when a more skilled celebrity, experienced in the art of the upskirt deflection, works their tired, no-longer crossable legs into a perma-squeeze position, blocking lens view, denying millions of oglers their lust-filled necessities, and, worst of all, the sexy celeb’s hard-pressed thighs creating a fleshy crease quite similar to the curtain you entered stage right through on your first day in this world.

ThighGina®, thy name is deception. Enjoy.

(Check out OK! Magazine for the fuller story on Pippa’s leg baring exploits at London Fashion Week.)

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Pippa Middleton Back in Skirts, Back Out on the Town, Can Wardrobe Malfunctions Be Far Behind?

When Pippa Middleton drinks, I get happy. Weird phenomenon, but when combined with Pippa back out romancing and wearing the nightclub skirts again, I know it means we’re getting close and closer to some more upskirts and glorious wardrobe malfunctions flashing the regal beagles. Like an old man feels winter coming on or a stripper always knows which guy has the most money in his wallet, I can just feel these things. It’s coming. But, for now, catch some legs and some Pippa back out on the town. Enjoy.


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Pippa and Carole Middleton Revive the Regal Mom-Daughter Raunchy Notions

Oh, mother and child reunion, where is there space for a little Egotastic?

The problem is not that I fantasize about being betwixt the hot regal mother daughter combination of Pippa Middleton and her unusually youthful and hot-legged mom Carole Middleton, it’s that I can’t stop fantasizing about it. Or the copious amounts of oil that might be utilized in being the Earl of the Middleton Sandwich. I curse the day the Middleton women came into my life and made me care about seeing a royal nekkid once more. Enjoy.