Candice Swanepoel on the Beach!

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Echo Lawrence - June 16, 2020

This is a Candice Swanepoel from a shoot that took place this past May. It was recently released and am not entirely sure what it is for, but that doesn't matter! She looks great.

It is safe to say that she won't let the Pandemic get in the way of her work. I guess she realizes that when you're a model, you're on a tight timeline and your window of opportunity is limited, so a 3 month break from work is a lifetime, especially after her two consecutive babies, which came with two consecutive years off, which is multiplied by 10 for models, so it is basically 20 year break by my math, but I don't know math and my theory may be wrong since J.Lo at 50 is still killing it. The retiring at 30 is a thing of the past and I'm a dinosaur just perpetuating those ideals! Keep models under 30 again!

She does look great as she often does, just check out this contact sheet she posted:

Or click through this shoot:

  • Ikke says:

    Used to be quite something, before she shat out a kid.

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