Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton Jogs in Stretch Pants in London

Pippa Middleton Stars in ‘Return of the Booty’ in Purple Technicolor

Okay, so it was just a glimmering flash of backside wonderment, but as we were kind of trying to see the first regal sister’s bouncing little funbags under her snug purple winter dress, suddenly, Pippa Middleton turned and we caught sight of the regal beagle we first fell in lust with almost eighteen months ago now. It was brief, but we felt a stirring in our briefs we had long since forgotten.

Now, Pippa’s new party planning book sales may be flatter than the girl I dated throughout high school, but the future Queen’s sister has still got it going on in the seat department.

Ring the bells at Westminster. The hinds have returned! Enjoy.


Pippa Middleton Decked Out for Book Release Party and Still Kinda Hot

Of course, you’re probably running, not walking, to the bookstore to snatch up an early copy of  the proper party planning book by regal sister Pippa Middleton. I mean, what else would you want from this minxy little sister save for tips on the building the proper crudite platter or arranging table seating according to Elizabethan quality standards. Well, yeah, we wouldn’t mind a full blown nekkid centerfold type shoot of the clingy dressing, formerly more fun party girl who has been put on strict control from Buckingham Palace to stop flashing her knickers, a rule she almost broke as she exited the blessedly deep seating cabs of London for arrival at her book signing party.

Still, Pippa looked rather fine over the weekend at her big release event, causing a number of Pippa faithful a release event of their own. Hey, the girl has still got something going on. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton Is Back (Kinda Sorta With Regal Rule Control)

There was a time when Pippa Middleton was an object d’ lust for many of the Egotastic! denizen, but something happened to Pippa after her triumphant wedding day asstastic display, and for the few months after when the glow about her was highly sexually charged. Probably a combination of her own family reminding her of her place and her sister’s in-laws, The Windsors, more forcibly reminding her that royal women are not meant to be sultry, sexy, or alluring, but rather, smiling, waving, and enduring. Either way, the halo got toppled.

When we saw Pippa Middleton in a short dress headed off to work this morning ,we were reminded somewhat of our original feelings toward the seemingly more fun sister (though Kate remains hotter), and our original ass-grabbing dreams. Perhaps there is hope for a return to Pippa glory, but the way the Royals are clamping down on all things skin-related these days, we remain pessimistic. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton Flashes Some Thigh at the U.S. Open and the Crowd Goes Wild

Here’s what I’ll say about the state of our affair with the regal sister, Pippa Middleton — we still wouldn’t throw her out of our royal chambers. But we do have to admit our lust for the world’s most famous sibling of just a year and a half ago has sort of waned since our almost overwhelming desire to spank her bare bottom with authority. It’s been that kind of long distance romance.

I think Pippa herself withdrew from the spotlight, maybe knowing that our need to produce children with her sister Kate was a far greater priority to the health of the realm, but we’ve seen little of her, so it was a pleasant surprise when she and her thigh-revealing slit-skirt made their way to the shores of The Colonies to take in the games of the U.S. Open. Sometimes, a little leg is all it takes; we don’t ask for much. Enjoy.

Pippa Middleton in Tight Pants and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Pippa Middleton Drops the Winter Time Butt-Shot on London Town

Emboldened by her Top 10 finish in the Egotastic! Hotness Awards Asstastic category, Pippa Middleton, the first sister to the future queen, threw out her typical bottomwear for a winter-time edition of stretch pants, providing a clingy-eyed view of her rear assets.

Check out those regal beagles. There might be some debate as to the overall Pippa package, I’ll grant the anti-Pippa forces that, but there should be no contesting chatter over the Pippa-bottom, save for the kind of chatter men make when seeing such an obviously piece of rumptastic. It’s generally a soft murmur followed by a cough rounded off with a ‘dayum.’. Enjoy.