Michelle Trachtenberg and Pippa Middleton Battle It Out in Wintry Weather Schoolgirl Looks

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bill-swift - December 15, 2011

Granted, Michelle Trachetenberg was actually portraying a real schoolgirl on the set of Gossip Girl, while Pippa Middleton was merely walking the streets of London wearing a plaid kilt of her Scottish heritage, still, in the mind of any half-devious male, this clearly was a battle of naughty school girls, even in the freezing cold temps, attempting to garner the attentions of dirty old men everywhere (and right here included). 

For all the lash, and backlash, surrounding this past summer's Pippa hype, she still fared very well in early voting in our annual awards, so we know the home fires still burn for Pippa in the places where home fires do burn in men; and as for Michelle, we simply don't get to see enough of this little hottie, so even clothed in the winter, a school girl look from Michelle is enough to re-ignite many old and lingering passions.

Who takes the school girl pie?