Pippa Middleton Is Back (Kinda Sorta With Regal Rule Control)

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bill-swift - October 18, 2012

There was a time when Pippa Middleton was an object d' lust for many of the Egotastic! denizen, but something happened to Pippa after her triumphant wedding day asstastic display, and for the few months after when the glow about her was highly sexually charged. Probably a combination of her own family reminding her of her place and her sister's in-laws, The Windsors, more forcibly reminding her that royal women are not meant to be sultry, sexy, or alluring, but rather, smiling, waving, and enduring. Either way, the halo got toppled.

When we saw Pippa Middleton in a short dress headed off to work this morning ,we were reminded somewhat of our original feelings toward the seemingly more fun sister (though Kate remains hotter), and our original ass-grabbing dreams. Perhaps there is hope for a return to Pippa glory, but the way the Royals are clamping down on all things skin-related these days, we remain pessimistic. Enjoy.