Pippa Middleton Decked Out for Book Release Party and Still Kinda Hot

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bill-swift - October 31, 2012

Of course, you're probably running, not walking, to the bookstore to snatch up an early copy of  the proper party planning book by regal sister Pippa Middleton. I mean, what else would you want from this minxy little sister save for tips on the building the proper crudite platter or arranging table seating according to Elizabethan quality standards. Well, yeah, we wouldn't mind a full blown nekkid centerfold type shoot of the clingy dressing, formerly more fun party girl who has been put on strict control from Buckingham Palace to stop flashing her knickers, a rule she almost broke as she exited the blessedly deep seating cabs of London for arrival at her book signing party.

Still, Pippa looked rather fine over the weekend at her big release event, causing a number of Pippa faithful a release event of their own. Hey, the girl has still got something going on. Enjoy.