Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova Crazy Sweaty Hot and Boobtastic Teasing in GQ

Petra Nemcova isn’t a bad looking lady. I’d probably let her date me if she asked nicely, and wore that sweaty revealing workout wardrobe she’s donning in GQ Portugal this month. How damn and dripping wet is that body on the Czech supermodel hottie, showing off all kinds of allure and potential for deep dark prurient thoughts.

Sometimes I see such beauty and I want to smile. Sometimes, it’s so profound, I want to cry. But in all cases I begin penning my letters to the lovely lady at the center of the sextastic storm and remind her that charity begins at home. And I sure would like to visit her home for a little charity. Petra, I could be your ultimate act of benevolence. I just need like ten minutes and you in that Flashdance outfit all shiny. The angels will sing. Enjoy.

Petra Nemcova Lingerie Pictures Are See-Through Wild and Wooly Hot

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and Dancing with the Stars contestant Petra Nemcova has gone and done it this time. Topping her own history of hotness with this rather epic ‘Wild Orchids’ lingerie shoot where the Czech model appears in various tropically see-through little bits of fashion lust.

I’m not sure I’ve ever appreciated underthings quite this much before. It really is the woman who makes the panties. Not the other way around. Throw in some leopard skin themes and I am already online and ready to add to my shopping cart. A cart filled entirely with Petra perfection. Enjoy.

Petra Nemcova Flashes an ‘Impossible’ Amount of Cleavage at Film Premiere

Now, you know why we hang out at so many red carpet events. While we have a little thing for sextastic celebrities decked out in their finest as it is, you throw in some serious amounts of skin often flashed these days by attention-competing designer-dressed actresses and models, and suddenly you have copious amounts of boob-flesh almost falling out courtesy of Czech hottie Petra Nemcova, who flashed more chest at the L.A. premiere of The Impossible than I was able to touch before the age of seventeen, combined.

Throw in a little slit cut leg and Petra may have actually donned one of our top ten favorite fancy looks of 2012. See, women’s fashion doesn’t have to be boring! Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen (Yes, Taylor Momsen) Leads List of Dolled-Up Hotties at Marchesa Fashion Week Event

Well look who put on clothes for fashion week. Kind of a double edged sword here. As much as we love seeing barely legal Taylor Momsen wearing less and less these days, it was quite the ‘prom’ moment when she showed up to the Marchesa swank party at New York Fashion Week looking like a million or so dollars, like her mom put clothes out for her. We can dig it for one evening at least, because dressed up or undressed, she is one rebellious teenager we love to leer.

And the party barely stopped there. Joining Taylor on the party’s red carpet were supreme hotties Bar Refaeli, Petra Nemcova, Jenna Dewan, Olivia Palermo, and Stacy Keibler. A full boatload of A-grade hotness, all pimped and primped and trying to outdo each other for this extreme style event. I easily could’ve polished my Crocs to attend this event (and, no, that’s not a euphemism). Enjoy.

Cuckoo’s Nest

Catherine Zeta Jones is back to her sexy self. (Celebuzz)

Kate Middleton and her royally cute sister. (TMZ)

Sofia Vergara hot, new swimsuit commercial. (HuffPo)

Anja Rubik overwhelming in underwear. (DrunkenStepfather)

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Karina Smirnoff and Petra Nemcova double-team. (Celebslam)

Rachel Bilson takes off her training wheels. (Popoholic)

Elton John Gets All The Hot Women To His Oscar Viewing Party

Elton John and his new baby daddy hosted another of the big Oscar parties this year, a viewing shindig for a bunch of folks also not making the cut for the Academy Awards, but definitely making my refined list of girls I’d like to imagine being slapped by after I ask them if they like meat products.

Odette Yustman just looked super Yusty and sexy, Kim Kardashian she-bot appeared with extra spit and polish and perfect boobage, Charlotte Ross continues her medically induced age defying aweseomeness, Malin Akerman remains an underrated comedic hottie, Petra Nemcova just one damn super supermodel, Katie Price, previously known as the Jordan who made me drool excessively, Dianna Agron, irrepressible Glee breakout babe, and a reunion of the only straight reason for me to own the High School Musical DVD box set, petite hotties Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Now, that’s what I call a party! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News

Petra Nemcova Nipple Slip – Nearly


Yesterday’s Petra Nemcova side boob pictures were a revelation. She’s really looking the best she has in quite some time. And today, we’ve got even more great pictures, which include a bit of a Petra Nemcova nipple slip! I say “a bit” because she’s not completely out, but that loose top is definitely keeping very little to the imagination, and even giving a peek of nip. Either way, sexy as hell.