Supermodel Hottie Petra Nemcova Super Sheer Wardrobe Malfunction

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bill-swift - May 17, 2016

You can't just show up to Cannes in any old dress pulled off the rack. This is Cannes. There are a thousand famous people and ten thousand photographers to cover them. This is the European show of shows. Veteran hottie model Petra Nemcova knows this full well. She's been a Cannes regular for a decade or more. The premieres, red carpets, champagne filled galas. It's time to show off that super blessed female form in a super sheer dress top revealing your fully super assets.

Sheer black and commando seems to be the style d'jour. A very commendable moment in fashion trends from the point of view of the gentleman ogler. Fulfilled to its utmost potential when wicked hot celebrities like Petra don the style for the bright flash photography of Cannes. I could not be happier if Petra were my own date to this swank affair. Well, I take that back, that would make me a thousand times happier. We don't get the dinner, but at least we get to peek at the dessert. I'm happy enough. Bless you, Petra. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash