Petra Nemcova Sheer Lace Dress For Chesty Hotness

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bill-swift - July 11, 2015

Who knows how to dress like a true hottie? Petra Nemcova does. The European hot supermodel and favorite of the fashion industry isn't herself hitting up Fashion Week without looking like a million damn Euros. In gentleman ogler terms, that's a super sheer lace dress that highlighted her sweet female form from every angle imaginable. And I can imagine angles on women even Pythagoras never postulated.

Petra Nemcova is one of those elite level models who disappears from our radar for months on end, presumable skiing somewhere in Switzerland or suntanning somewhere in the Caribbean, but when she returns, we remember all over again why we so desperately want to play This Little Piggy with her in the nude. And, no, no toes. Oh, Petra, you tease and tempt with the best of them. Now, let's ring the dessert bell. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash