Mariah Carey

Rita Ora Booty Flash, Taylor Swift Cleavage, and Jennifer Lopez MILFtastic Bare Win the Night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

I know what you’re thinking. Thank God for yet another music award show because the first twelve of 2015 simply were not enough time to showcase pop music. Exactly. Hence, the 2015 Billboard Music Awards which did precisely what all the award shows before them did, only they changed the names on the placards and banners. Still, it was yet another chance for the super hotties of the music world to get decked out in revealing gowns to garner attention on the red carpet and stage and remind everybody that even if their music is boring and derivative, their fleshy funbags are quite worth buying their music.

Rita Ora and her barely covered booty and cleavetastic dress won the evening, followed not far behind by Taylor Swift in a rather racy funbag display by her standards and Jennifer Lopez in a nude number that is mind boggling hot for her veteran status. The other queens and divas and princesses of pop music shined as well, all wearing form hugging numbers that were like music to my eyes. If you turn down the music, we could be living in the best female pop scene of forever, by hotness standards. Check out all this celebrity skin and see if you don’t agree. Oh, and crank the Scorpions! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Mariah Carey Flashes Panties During Vegas Performance

Oh, Mariah, you minx. As you might imagine, despite being a mom in her 40′s, the Mariah Carey show in Vegas centers heavily around the exhibitionist and naughty curvy shapes Mariah brings to bear, or is that bare? Her stage show along with her songs involves a revealing boobtastic and leggy set of dresses that provide ample skin views for the men in the audience goaded to attend. And on this occasion, a sweet flashing of her panties beneath her dress to those fortunate enough to be in the front rows. This is why you buy VIP seats when you truly care to catch the entire show.

I’m not sure I’d ever see a Mariah Carey show in Vegas. I place a much greater important on my time available to lose everything I have at the tables. Now, if the show were called Mariah Flashes Panties and Yum Yums, I certainly would be tempted. Especially if they comped me tickets because they just felt bad seeing me crying once more on the casino floor. It’s always good for a little something. It helps if you’re a grown man who can work up real tears. Nice work, Mariah.Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/FameFlynet

Mariah Carey Busty Bouncy Bosom In Bikini

Mariah Carey never leaves home without her twins. No, not the kids. They’re somewhere being taken care of, rest assured, I think, maybe. The bigger point are the twin sweet teats big and proud on the forties and faptastic diva who was flashing her chestal skin in St. Bart’s over the weekend. If you’re going to flash your funbags, why not do it in the Caribbean? That’s kind of my motto.

Mariah’s been through a lot lately. She probably needs some kind of extended rub down involving powerful eucalyptus oils and the sweat of a randy masseuse. I happen to have both of those assets readily available. Mariah may not be the exact same woman she was twenty years ago, but I’m more than willing to help her find the places that are. It’s why I always keep a magnifying glass in my pocket. Next to the condoms I purchased in 2002. Man, that was a hopeful year. Enjoy.

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Mariah Carey Doesn’t Need a Reason to Show Off Her Big Old Mama Bears

Okay, so maybe there was a reason this time. A red carpet strut for the Fresh Air Fund in New York City. Who doesn’t support fresh air? Or Mariah Carey and her big ole knockers supporting fresh air? The 40-something diva has been making a new-new-new name for herself again bringing her massive mama mamms around toe important and well-photographed social gatherings. I suppose it’s a couple Egotastic! levels up from those celebrities who just roll up in their Ferraris and expect to be noticed. I can look at Ferraris any time I like (at least pictures of, my crowd usually has old model domestic sedans). I’ll take Mariah’s twin turbo funbags any day as far as ‘look at me’ entrances go.

Mariah, you’re not getting older, you’re just getting more central to so many of my adult nursing relationship dreams. Cute dress. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey Cleavy Performance At The 2014 World Music Awards

Mariah Carey‘s talent was in full effect at the 2014 World Music Awards. Yes, her voice but I’m talking about her legendary funbags. To say that there was spectacular cleavage action going on is a bit of and understatement. Her ta-tas were in almost full view. Her glorious boob valley is more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon and I didn’t even have to leave my couch. I’ve always been a fan of Mariah’s jugs. Since back in the day in her Honey video. You remember that? How many women performers can honestly say that they still look this good twenty years later? Not without some major plastic surgery. But Mariah still looks natural. I also love the fact that Mariah rarely isn’t showing deep cleavage. I’m sure it helps keep her lungs in top singing condition, right?

I’m going to watch the full performance online after I’m done with this post. I may revisit some of her old videos as well and relive some of my high school fantasies.

Mariah Carey Gets Into the Black Lingerie for Terry Richardson

Whatever the rumors and accusations of late swirling around Terry Richardson, it hasn’t stopped celebrity hotties from heading back to his studio for some sextastic photoshoots of the simple, but memorable kind.

Take for instance Mariah Carey, and, oh, how I’d like to take her and her big motherly mammaries of delight. Mariah got into some revealing  ingerie for a swell reveal of her award winning boobtasitc. She seems rather comfortable in these photos. I guess when you’re a veteran hottie like Mariah with the teats of Olympus it’s easier to feel confident in any situation. I once again applaud Mariah’s bravery, with a standing ovation and a golf clap for her curves. Just still a total yowzer. Enjoy.

Mariah Carey’s Big Cleavage Has a Big Girl Birthday

Well, Happy Birthday to Mariah Carey, who is either 44 or 45 today, depending on who you believe. Also, technically, her sweet and famous chest puppies may or may not be identical to her actual birthdate. Still, why not celebrate Mariah’s spectacular sextaculars on her birthday with a peek at a whole bunch our favorite funbag photos of Mariah.

Mariah has definitely brought much joy into our lives through the years, today, let’s blow a bit on her candles. Enjoy.