See Mariah Carey’s Golden Globes

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bill-swift - January 9, 2018

Perhaps Mariah Carey cheated the game a bit with her latest tummy surgery, though nobody complained much when she built up her chesty goodies so it seems a policy of sit back and watch the fun views is the best policy after all.

Mariah hit up some post Globes parties showing off her own globes of funbag goodness, her trademark sweltering chest puppies which were unfurled in fine female manner in a very low cut black dress. Not very low cut for Mariah. Fairly standard. But for the ability to combine the mandatory black dress of the day with that female alluring chest and a fresh bit of bleached hair, Mariah made her presence known even among the more honored stars of the evening. 

There are any number of social and gender changes coming down the line. The landscape may change, but the bare and delicious ogle worthy sights of veteran hotties like Mariah and her boobtastic value package will never ever go away. Of this I'm sure. I study human nature. And art, because that's where the girls were. Enjoy.


 Photo Credit: Splash News

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