Bella Thorne’s Like Orange You Glad To See My Underboob!

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Echo Lawrence - June 9, 2020

Bella Thorne has moved on from her protesting to celebrate a cause I assume is close to her heart, some ORANGE LIVES MATTER.

I am not sure I am allowed to say ORANGE LIVES MATTER without backlash, I am not trying to get political, I mean this is about underboob not the flaws in our system. I can't even believe I have to post a disclaimer when writing ORANGE LIVES MATTER because it's obviously not a real cause and not designed to belittle any movement you may be out there protesting for. The internet is worked up and we all must tread VERY lightly.

That said, Orange Lives Matter to Bella Thorne, she's got orange hair, her weed strain is called FIRE CROTCH, or was going to be called fire crotch, so being orange is sort of what she's about, part of her personal brand, part of her marketing efforts, which is probably why this shoot is ORANGE!

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