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Hollly Madison Has a New Book; Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson Topless With a Smashing Offer from Playboy

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Okay, so maybe I’m not going to read the new tell-all memoir by Holly Madison about her days in the Playboy Mansion and starring in Girls Next Door. I’m more of a watcher than a reader. So in honor of Holly’s new book, I thought I’d relive some fun time mammaries of Holly and Bridget and Kendra forming their mighty blonde boobtastic threesome of a decade ago. Oh, how they had the world in the palms of their, well, hands.

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Kendra Wilkinson Workout Cleavage Looking Strong, Super Strong Indeed

I’ll say this for Kendra Wilkinson, despite all the off-field troubles and whatever might be the truth, half-truth, or scripted untruths around her reality show life, this former Playboy mansion starlet is looking super MILFtastic.

Now the mom of two and the queen of some mini empire of books and shows and I’m sure tchotchke nirvana, Kendra is fit and shapeless and curvy and cleavy and all the things we look for in a still relatively young mom. Scandal and fame seems to suit her. As does low cut workout tops and form fitting clothes. She’s a petite hottie since the beginning, really the beginning as we first saw her really on her 18th birthday. Keep up the workouts, Kendra. They’re working well for us both. Enjoy.

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Will Kendra Wilkinson Accept Her Tranny Loving Husband Back? I Don’t Know, Let’s Look at Her Nekkid While We Discuss



Kendra Wilkinson has been in the news of much lately, both discussing her sexual experiences with Hef, and discussing her husband’s sexual experiences with another transgendered male and whether or not she’s going to take him back. That’s a lot of discussing. I’m not one for lots of talk, instead I prefer to focus on ogling. No matter where you land on Kendra as a person, there’s no denying you would like to land on her as a Playboy model, and thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, let’s take another delicious tour down Kendra mammary lane.

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There is a reason Kendra is famous and successful to this day and it was all predicated on these alluring looks and short but sweet body of hers. The clubs wanted Kendra the minute she turned eighteen because they could see in her an immediate draw for the male clientele. They were right. As was Playboy in picking her to be Hef’s concubine and reality show starlet. And even now I guess she and her reality shows appeal to a completely different demographic. But it all started with the bodacious body. Quite the career foundation. Enjoy.

By the way, did you see that thing above about getting PlayboyPlus for one-hundred cents?  I hope so. It’s Christmas, get this done now.

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Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Ta-Tas In A Black Swimsuit

Former “Girl Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson was displaying her magnificent funbags in a revealing black swimsuit on a beach in Australia. Kendra’s swimsuit had a zipper opening in the front that went down to her stomach, and it was fully unzipped. The result is some cleav for the ages. I remember watching her show back in the day and very much enjoying seeing Kendra flit about in skimpy outfits. Her spreads in Playboy were also a thing of beauty. I hear she’s back on the market these days. I’d like to think that some lucky bastard will sweep her off her feet and give her boobies the appreciation they deserve. That last dude is a fool for letting a once in a millennium pair of knockers slip through his fingers. As I recall her husband wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

What I do know is that I enjoy her chest puppies a great deal and hope that now that she’s single we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.

Kendra Wilkinson Wouldn’t Mind Her Daughter Being in Playboy Someday; Let’s Look at Kendra Nekkid Herself in Playboy

Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison Topless Playboy Shoot
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Last week Kendra Wilkinson was asked if she wouldn’t mind her future daughter someday appearing nekkid in Playboy, her response was all sounded good as long as she did it for the right reasons like Kendra did. I suppose that needed further explanation, but I’m mostly interested in taking a deeper dive into the visually right reasons for Kendra to be in Playboy. Just photographs very very nice.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, we can take a look at Kendra from one of her more infamously sextastic nekkid spreads with Girls Next Door co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Yes, there’s a whole lots of silicon going on, but also a whole lot of genius and eye-ball popping wonderments. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa and Kendra Wilkinson Go Battle Cleavage Decked Out for Party-Time

While Joanna Krupa is newly married to a nightclub investor (which doesn’t sound shady at all) and Kendra Wilkinson is married to an ex-NFL player turned handbag holder, both wives love to get attention for their chestal regions, leading to a little cleave-off over this past weekend.

Joanna was at BOA Steakhouse celebrating with her newlywed husband and showing off her model body…

While Kendra was in Vegas at some club or another being paid to smile and pimp her wares to draw visitors into the establishment.

Two women, two separate purposes, two sets of very fine and full funbags. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Cleavy at Paris Las Vegas Promo Event