Kendra Wilkinson Boobtastic Tank Top in LA

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elliot-wolf - February 19, 2018

Kendra Wilkinson’s tank top and top half of her body really stand out in a crowd. If there’s one thing I absolutely adore in this world it is a well refined woman not afraid to leave the house only slightly covering up what the man upstairs blessed her with. Kendra looks like she was possibly headed to tone up at the gym. I hope she’s looking for a partner for working out and for those lonely nights in the winter. It’s pretty hard to find a woman attractive when she’s dressed down but the lazy look really works for Wilkinson.

I wonder if Kendra is as fun to be around as her personality is on TV. I’d give up half of my land to just attend one Girls Next Door Playboy mansion party where Kendra came outside in only her bra and panties. For some strange reason small talk becomes so much more interesting when there are less clothes involved. I’d even be willing to sell the other half of my land and live in a trailer if Wilkinson was the girl next door. I may not be Mr. Rodgers but with her I wouldn’t be afraid to ask won’t you be my neighbor?

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA