Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Cleavy Leggy Shapely During MILFy Suburban Jogging

I’ll say this for Kendra Wilkinson, she keeps herself in good curvy shape.

A lot of the moms moved out Calabasas way have sort of let the lbs. shift around the frame, but Kendra seems to keep everything in ship shape. Big tubes up top, toned legs down below, a tight middle section.

Being a mom isn’t easy (as if I have any idea, but so I’m told), but I’m certainly glad Kendra finds the time to take her bouncing twins out for public viewing regularly. I mean, we need to keep our eyeballs in shape as well. So, stare aware. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus, Arianny Celeste, Kendra Wilkinson Highlight the Hotties at Maxim Hot 100 Party

I think I’m getting too old to complain anymore about these magazine lists of who’s the hottest celebrity. So many flaws, so little time to discuss them all. It’s an inevitably crooked venture when you first set about to tier the sextastic. And naming somebody The Hottest or The Most Beautiful, even if you weren’t doing so for crass publicity reasons, it’s a faulty process at best.

Nevertheless, Maxim still knows how to throw a party that gets some good looking women to attend. As they did last night for their Hot 100 List, including Miley Cyrus, the winner of said naming, UFC Ring Girl extraordinaire, Arianny Celeste, and former stripper turned stripper, Kendra Wilkinson, who put on her best face and body for the event celebrating good looks. Can’t say I got my invitation, but someday when I’ve got a whippersnapper nipping at my heels, I’ll probably not invite them to my events either. Everybody hates their future replacement. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Dives in Swimsuit on Splash, Butt Nekkid on PlayboyPlus

Kendra Wilkinson Topless on the Beach for Playboy
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You know her, you love her, you definitely want your girls to grow up just like her. Kendra Wilkinson of Girls Next Door and stripping fame has turned her mommy life into more of a mommy life of late, including her books and inspirational speeches, and her partaking in the reality show craptastic that is Splash.

While I suppose there are some of you out there who think that Kendra swan-diving into a swimming pool is the height of her skill and achievement, we will always cherish Kendra for the incredibly alluring looks on camera, in pictorials for her career-breaking Playboy.

Thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus and our continuing PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special we can show you Kendra in one of her many photo spreads for The Bunny Magazine and encourage you to sign up to see all of her wonderments, plus like 1,000 of her closest nekkid hot model and celebrity friends. Do that now, you will not be sorry. Seriously, like don’t wait for dinner to be over. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Swimsuit Trampoline Booty Act for ‘Celebrity Diving’ Puts an Ounce of Interest in the Craptastic

In an effort to save television as we know it, genius network television executives have all concluded that seeing D-list celebrities diving into pools will be their salvation. And while we would watch a show that features super hotties diving off of high-boards, or even Louie Anderson cliff diving off an Acapulco ledge where life and death were truly in the heavyset balance, well, this middling ground seems like the ultimate in craptastic solutions. Having said that, I’m guessing this celebrity diving will do well.

Enter Kendra Wilkinson, former stripper and Playboy model turned motherly advice giver, wife, and, naturally, author. Kendra is one of those D-listers taken to the swimsuit to dive for some amount of dollars while her ex-football playing husband holds her purse off to the side. Kendra isn’t exactly the little blonde flashing minx she used to be, but not everybody grows up to be more interesting, like kids who call 911 at the age of 3 to save their families and then never do another damn great thing in their lives, sometimes, you just peek really early.

Still, when you combine our lingering faptastic lust for Kendra of the old days with her willingness to slip on a form fitting wet and clingy suit, we must admit, at least behind the scenes, we had to stop and stare. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Flashes Gamer Sideboob in Unbuttoned Top for Mortal Kombat Party

At some moment in every ex-stripper’s life, there must come a time when you take an honest, 360-self assessment of your skills and abilities and talents and potentials, and then just realize, it’s time to unbutton your top just a little bit more before going out.

Such was the exhibition put on by Kendra Wilkinson at the Mortal Kombat party in Hollywood over the weekend, where just an un-buttoned top turned Kendra Wilkinson from ‘Hey, is that what’s her name from the Playboy thing?’ to ‘Holy smokes, did you see Kendra Wilkinson’s boob revealing top?’ Sometimes, honestly really is the best policy. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Drops Some Sexy On the Red Carpet at VMA After Party

Let’s give some credit where credit is due, we do bash on Kendra Wilkinson a bit about her mommy makeover and purse-holding husband, but when the lady gets dolled up, she can still certainly bring it, as she did last night at the In Touch Weekly VMA After-Party, flashing a good bit of the old Kendra that well all fell in love with, well, at least fapped in lust to.

Something about that perfect smile, the blonde hair, the hand wave, and knowing that underneath the perfect person is a woman who knows how to work a pole (I’m talking professionally here, natch), just still makes it all mandatory ogling. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson vs. Nicole Scherzinger Battle of the Birthday Girl Vegas Pimps

Celebs dont’ spend their birthdays like you and I, I mean, Hostess Cupcakes and $10 worth of quarters at the local bowling alley arcade might be how I spent every single one of my birthdays since the age of six, but for the likes of Kendra Wilkinson and Nicole Scherzinger, well, you want to go big, AND, you want to get paid.

So Kendra Wilkinson packed up her little suitcase and her former NFL-playing husband to carry it and squaddled off to Pure Nightclub in Sin City over the weekend to flash her bountiful cleavage, get paid her bountiful paycheck, and party til the break of dawn. Sadly, Kendra’s Vegas pimping comes on the heels of her recent announcement that she will no longer be posing nekkid ever again. Which doesn’t mean we don’t love her as much as we used to, it just means we’re going to really have to stretch to find a reason to keep in contact with her.

As for Nicole Scherzinger, well, this brunette hottie dancer and singer and all-around sextastic hit up Tao Nightclub to earn her birthday girl paycheck, flashing a little less cleave than Kendra, but making up for it with so many other fine assets.

Honestly, with how hot both these birthday girls looked, I was halfway to bringing out the spanking machine before I realized how much that would probably cost me with these two. Enjoy.