Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Flashes Gamer Sideboob in Unbuttoned Top for Mortal Kombat Party

At some moment in every ex-stripper's life, there must come a time when you take an honest, 360-self assessment of your skills and abilities and talents and potentials, and then just realize, it's time to unbutton your top just a little bit more before going out.

Such was the exhibition put on by Kendra Wilkinson at the Mortal Kombat party in Hollywood over the weekend, where just an un-buttoned top turned Kendra Wilkinson from 'Hey, is that what's her name from the Playboy thing?' to 'Holy smokes, did you see Kendra Wilkinson's boob revealing top?' Sometimes, honestly really is the best policy. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Drops Some Sexy On the Red Carpet at VMA After Party

Let's give some credit where credit is due, we do bash on Kendra Wilkinson a bit about her mommy makeover and purse-holding husband, but when the lady gets dolled up, she can still certainly bring it, as she did last night at the In Touch Weekly VMA After-Party, flashing a good bit of the old Kendra that well all fell in love with, well, at least fapped in lust to.

Something about that perfect smile, the blonde hair, the hand wave, and knowing that underneath the perfect person is a woman who knows how to work a pole (I'm talking professionally here, natch), just still makes it all mandatory ogling. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson vs. Nicole Scherzinger Battle of the Birthday Girl Vegas Pimps

Celebs dont' spend their birthdays like you and I, I mean, Hostess Cupcakes and $10 worth of quarters at the local bowling alley arcade might be how I spent every single one of my birthdays since the age of six, but for the likes of Kendra Wilkinson and Nicole Scherzinger, well, you want to go big, AND, you want to get paid.

So Kendra Wilkinson packed up her little suitcase and her former NFL-playing husband to carry it and squaddled off to Pure Nightclub in Sin City over the weekend to flash her bountiful cleavage, get paid her bountiful paycheck, and party til the break of dawn. Sadly, Kendra's Vegas pimping comes on the heels of her recent announcement that she will no longer be posing nekkid ever again. Which doesn't mean we don't love her as much as we used to, it just means we're going to really have to stretch to find a reason to keep in contact with her.

As for Nicole Scherzinger, well, this brunette hottie dancer and singer and all-around sextastic hit up Tao Nightclub to earn her birthday girl paycheck, flashing a little less cleave than Kendra, but making up for it with so many other fine assets.

Honestly, with how hot both these birthday girls looked, I was halfway to bringing out the spanking machine before I realized how much that would probably cost me with these two. Enjoy.

Junk Kong! Kendra Wilkinson Flashes Her Backside Atop the Empire State Building

Standin' in front just shakin' your ass.
Take you back stage you can drink from my glass.

(Eff me, I'm quoting Aerosmith, I might need a vacation.)

I'm not exactly sure why Kendra Wilkinson was in the viewing platform on the 88th floor of the Empire State Building, maybe she was throwing pennies down to her husband on the street holding her purse, but there she was, posing and preening and flashing her cans for some kind of ode to the Big Apple by way of her own apples.

We still badly miss the old Kendra. The one who took her clothes off and shook her lady parts for the cameras. We may never see that again, but we've got a year or maybe too more of still ogling her curvaceous form before we lose interest.  Enjoy.

Malin Akerman, Julianne Hough, and Kate Beckinsale Lead List of Hotties at Spike TV Awards

Spike TV 'Guys Choice Awards' takes it about half-way. That is, we get to see a whole bunch of celebrity hotties every join lined up on the red carpet and attending the award show for looking babe-a-licious, but, of course, if guys really had their choice, these sextastic celebrities would be nekkid and laying across a possum skinned rug (sorry, but I happen to love bears, while possums, yeah, I could skin a few of those and sleep at night, nasty varmints).

This year's list of Guy's Choice Awards sweet and delicious included underrated comedic actress Malin Akerman who posed sexy with the innocently alluring Julianne Hough, the ever desirable MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale, minxy Kristen Bell, cleavy Brooke Hogan, and Kendra Wilkinson, who I think people invite to these events now just to watch her husband hold her purse awkwardly in the background. Still, all in all, quite a collection of female locker room fantasy goodness. Now, about all those clothes... enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Body Views Beneath Her Sheer Cover Up; About All She’s Giving These Days

I remember back in third grade this rather noticeably short newer kid in school, Nix Bickerby, announced that he was no longer going to be short. He was now tall. It all seemed kind of staged, like some kind of speech prepared by his little kid mental health counselor, but he said it with such conviction, that is took the rest of us quite by surprise, and for like three minutes or so of suspended reality, we all thought Nix was tall.

It must have been a glorious brief moment in time for him, right before we picked him up and tossed him in the trash can, on Sloppy Joe day no less. The point is, you can be anything you want to be in this life, the real trick is trying to convince others of the same.

At some point, Kendra Wilkinson decided to make herself over from trashy topless Playboy party and former stripper girl into wife and mom and advice giver to millions of women who suddenly forgot all about that previous stuff that we personally loved her for. Since we never judged her for her former life, we totally and completely reserve the right to mock her current state of being. And mostly just because we miss her sweet petite nekkid body. The tease of which she flashed in Miami over the weekend in a see-through thingee over her bikini while filming her reality show, 'The Totally Fake Kendra' or something like that I think.

And speaking of totally fake, man how we miss Kendra's skin shows. Enjoy.

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Kendra Wilkinson Brings Her Cleave Out for a Rare Public Appearance

Kendra Sex Tape (NSFW)
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Of course, just a couple or three years ago, you couldn't pay Kendra Wilkinson to keep her top on.

The Girls Next Door erudite spent the better part of the first four barely legal years inflating her tubes, then exhibiting them to the world by way of television and magazines and the occasional leaked sex tape. Then, she met Hank, the NFL receiver turned ultimate purse holder, and her world change. Clothes went on, stripping shows ended, and soon enough How to Be an Awesome Mommy and I've Overcome Lots of Shit Only Hot Busty Girls Know About books started hitting the book stores where Kendra had never spent a day in her life and suddenly she was  the advice giving wife and mom. And, the funbags were put in the closet.

But, as we all must ultimately confront our own predetermined destinies, so must Kendra's bosom be freed enough for exhibitionist satiation. Their fate is to be paraded, displayed, and ultimately golden-showered by whoever the next, richer husband ends up being. So the Kendra cleavetastic was back on display this past Friday at the Playhouse Nightclub where Kendra brought out the little black dress and the big flesh-colored lanterns. And all we can say is, 'Hello again, old friends'. Enjoy.