Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Swimsuit Pictures Bring Her Boobtastic Back on the Market

It’s been a while since we last saw our good and fun little Playmate hottie, Kendra Wilkinson. Not much since she converted her former stripper and sex tape life into one of family, kids, and books on how to be really totally awesome at the latter. We don’t go much, for those conversions, and even if we believed in their sincerity, we’d still be disappointed in the loss of the fun times we used to have. Kind of like Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett, the former NFL player now turned early unemployed purse holder for his celebrity wife. We all preferred what came before with Kendra, bare boobtastic and g-string flashes, alas, time marches on.

So color us some shades of surprised when we spotted Kendra back on the market, pimping her body swimsuit and ridiculously cleavy red-carpet style for Wet Republic in Vegas. Pimping brings out the best in all of us, but it brings out things worth ogling in sexy celebrities with knockers even more so. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Hawaiian Tropic Event at WET REPUBLIC in Vegas

Kendra Wilkinson Drops A Double Dose of Her Marketable Assets at GNC

We don’t make fun of Kendra Wilkinson and her transformation from Kendra Wilkinson sex tape girl and Kendra Wilkinson fun-time stripper girl to Kendra Wilkinson, wife and mother and lifestyle guru to women across the world, in fact, we admire it. The way this softcore/hardcore young lass was able to migrate from a 99% male audience to a 99% female audience, to pimping products and selling books on traditional values and motherhood and how to please your purse-holding husband, it’s downright amazing. And, lucrative. As Kendra now pushes all sort of merchandise, including some latest body-shaping substance that no doubt contains ground up Adderall mixed with diet pills and topped off with the ground bones of the dead from the sample product testing group. And, guess what? Woman are going to buy it.

Because they want to look like Kendra. And looking at her at GNC yesterday flashing her smile and killer cleavage, I can see why. Enjoy.

Vegas Pimping Cleavage Battle: J-Woww vs. Kendra Wilkinson vs. Keri Hilson

For those unaware, a solid source of income these days for celebs with big boobs and some level of popularity is to work club events in Vegas over the weekends, pimping some kind of product or promotion at some variously hip Sin City nightspot. You don’t even really have to have any performing talent, though Keri Hilson can sing a lick or two, you can just have the bodacious ta’s, like J-Woww or Kendra Wilkinson, plaster on a cleavage baring outfit, and smile and wave, and collect your paycheck. Everybody wins. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson Bare Bottom, Upskirt, and Pokes: It’s Just Like the Old Kendra!

She pokes. She peeks. She flashes. It’s Kendra. It’s Kendra.

I don’t suppose that’s the new jingle for the Kendra Wilkinson reality show, but perhaps if it was, there’d be an actual reason for people with penises to watch. Most of the time, I just feel bad for “Hank”, the ex-NFLer turned purse-holder for the little blonde minx who has transformed herself almost overnight from sex tape boob job and Playboy girl into the sweetheart of America’s moms and housewives and impressionable young women (the latter of whom are my demographic favorites, I might add). Still, there’s no denying (for me at least) that Kendra presents a petite ogle worthy package, especially when her MILFy nipples are poking through her tops these days or Hank is lifting up her dress for a little bare buns display on the beach. I won’t even getting into the upskirt part, because, she is somebody’s mom after all. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Decker Leads List of Hotties (Once Again) at the ESPY Awards

Just like last year, super model sportsy hottie Brooklyn Decker took the title of sexiest red carpet babe at last night’s ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. She’ll probably win that particular title until she actually drops out of the competition. I love the ESPYs for the mere fact that there’s absolutely no reason to have these awards other than to bring together a bunch of big named professional athletes with a bunch of big named super sexy celebrities, and, therein, is plenty reason enough.

In addition to Brooklyn Decker, ESPY sextastic standouts included lesbionic awesome Amber Heard, sportscaster hottie Erin Andrews, boobtastic Kendra Wilkinson, TV hostess Jill Wagner, hot TV actress Jaime Pressly, Bethany Hamilton, the world’s sexiest one-armed surfer, Indy driver Danica Patrick, model Damaris Lewis, sexy-thesp Kerry Washington, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, and our recently featured amazingly hot Rachel Nichols.

Quite a shot. Enjoy.

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