Kate Moss

Kate Moss Bikini Pictures from the Balcony of Her Rio Pad

Kate Moss travels in style. I can’t complain about my own shanty-town world travels, but Kate Moss seems to live it up just a notch or two higher. Like the balcony of a sweet hotel in Rio where the international supermodel showed off in her bikini once again showing that forty is the new faptastic.

Kate has been super busy of late doing photoshoots and shopping and dining and hanging out on yachts and all the other supermodel daily grind. Though it all, she still manages to keep herself in long-range paparazzi photo shape in a two piece swimsuit. That takes some serious talent, and probably a decent amount of cigarette’s in Kate’s case. Kate Moss, keep on keeping on. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Bikinis Up to Hang Out With Her Topless Friend on a Yacht

Kate Moss in a Bikini with Topless Girls on a Yacht in St. Barts
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I’m not exactly sure why Kate Moss was unusually modest in keeping her bikini top on while her friends was enjoying the full Mother Sun benefits off the coast of St. Bart’s on a massive yacht owned by Sir Philip Green, the Topshop retail bazillionaire. It did remind me that I am only 379 easy payments away from owning my own topless supermodel covered sloop. It may not be as majestic as this floating mansion, but it is rated to travel in waters up to 20-feet in depth.

I’ll say this for Kate Moss, she knows how to vacation in style. She doesn’t do the Motel 6′s along the byway while discovering knick knack stores. Nope, it’s usually some world class port of call and a private beach or yacht. I’ll also say she’s holding up quite nicely for a model now officially in her 40′s, and with a long track record of some hard core partying. Good genes. Nice bikini. Enjoy.

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Kate Moss Topless Teasy Supermodel MILF in Lui

Kate Moss Topless Photoshoot for Lui Magazine March 2014
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There’s one word you can never use to describe Kate Moss — shy. The 40-year old British supermodel has taken another turn topless in this Terry Richardson shoot for the revised and relaunched French Lui magazine. She looks rather spiffy I must say in these pics in various stages of see-through and undress. Certainly not reserved about her appearance even now as a veteran model mom.

I wish more women were like Kate Moss. Insomuch as I wish more women were half-nekkid on the pages of magazines that I can ogle and peruse quite easily. Not all women, just most. Then we can finally stop having to ask that silly question, I wonder what so-and-so looks like without her top on. Because we’d know. And we’d be a much better people for it. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Xenia Deli Topless, Danica Patrick Nip Slip, Kelly Brook Nekkid and Much Much More…

Kate Moss Topless in i-D 2009
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A friend of mine recently said he felt bad for people who spend the whole week waiting for the weekend because they must hate their jobs. He’s a less intelligent friend. That’s like saying just because you can’t wait for dessert, you didn’t like the meal. I dig what I do here five days a week, but I must admit, I do look forward to Fridays, the beginning of the respite, and the chance not to have to use the communal toilet for my midday cleanse. There is perhaps no greater feeling for a man than returning to his home throne. And Friday also brings my very favorite post of the week, our weekly Reader Finds in which you, the scientifically proven most intelligent entertainment site audience on the web reach into your own cookie jars to share a sweet wafer with the digisphere on here. I feel jubilant at these times.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Kate Moss quite topless from i-D magazine (thank you to EgoReader ‘Daniel’ for getting us started), Aida Becheanu nekkid in a Lukas Dvorak photoshoot (many deserving thanks to ‘Anon’), Alice Dwyer topless on the silver screen (delivered herein by ‘Steve F.’), a redux of Katie Holmes topless in her boobtastic thriller (we could never grow weary of Holmes bits from ‘Darren’), Kate Dickie quite topless in Filth (hot and naughty via ‘Evan’), Lea Seydoux topless in Marie Claire (spotted deftly by ‘Joanna C.’), ginger hottie Deborah Ann Woll looking might fine in a Tyler Shields photoshoot (redheaded goodness provided by ‘O.W’), Miranda Kerr topless in a black and white Chris Colls shoot (Aussie sextastic via ‘Len’), Kelly Brook nekkid and bloody from Exhibition magazine (whoa Kelly by way of ‘Eddie’), Keira Knightley topless in the boudoir (lovely lean lass goodness transmitted by ‘Franz’), Nickie and Sandra baring tops on Big Brother Denmark this season (Danish teats handed over by ‘Root’), Josephine Decker nekkid in the moving pictures (submitted by happy ‘Harrison’), Kelly McDonald topless in her big Irish drug flick (the lifes of Reilly dropped off by ‘Derek’), Beverly D’Angelo and Ellen’s girl Portia de Rossi topless in Women in Film (multigenerational mams via ‘Tobin’), Claudia Schiffer hot in Vogue Germany (mmm, Schiffer sextastic from ‘Linda’), my future wife Edita Vilkeviciute topless in one crazy arthouse short (teats of the future Mrs. thrown over the fence by ‘Diggs’), Xenia Deli topless hotness in music video (treasure among treasures via ‘Ethan’), Naomi Watts bare boobtastic onscreen (I do so love Naomi, many thanks to ‘Russ B.’), shots I believe that ran a long time ago in Hustler of Sheryl Crow nekkid changing (kudos on this archival arrangement from ‘Nightwolf’), Karen Gillan bare buttockals (see cheek meat via ‘ilvlinz’), Laura Vandervoort hot bottom in Bitten (many appreciative thanks for ‘Bill S.’, not me), Danica Patrick accidentally baring nip in a selfie from an SI photoshoot (kudos to a man known only as ‘D’), Elizabeth McGovern topless in not one, but two classic films (another nod to ‘Nightwolf’), and last, but not at all least, a covered topless selfie from Kendall Jenner on Instagram (thank you kindly, EgoReader ‘Joe’). Now, that is a handful of celebrity skin. Dang. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Topless Nekkid Hotness for Playboy’s Anniversary and a Playboy Plus Christmas Special

Kate Moss Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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Kate Moss Nekkid on Playboy PlusSay what you will about Kate Moss, but she has never looked better. Granted, you’re talking about the best photographers and set-ups and post in the world just about, but Kate Moss looks absolutely stellar in the 60th anniversary edition of Playboy. Both in black and white, and color, this world class supermodel takes it off, and then off again, to reveal her top and bottom in a rather alluring dimension. I’m quite pleased.

So are the folks at Playboy Plus who have whipped up a special membership offer for those of you who want to see the full set of Kate Moss nekkid photos and, oh, about an infinity number of more nekkid celebrities and models of past and present in photo and video form on PlayboyPlus.com. It truly is a treasure trove of hot female forms. Nothing like it on the Internet in this known universe. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Sunbathes Topless on Vacation in Jamaica

Kate Moss Sunbathing Topless
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Here’s an amazing fun fact. Kate Moss sunbathes rather religiously whilst on her many worldwide vacations. But she never seems to get very tan. I suppose that’s just British genes. Or maybe SPF. She certainly isn’t shy about making sure even her mild tans leave no tan lines, frequently choosing to delight in her sun worshipping topless as she did in Jamaica over the weekend.

Kate Moss is about to turn forty, and while some of her hard partying has worn on the original supermodel through the years, we still take ogling delight in seeing Kate’s funbags beneath the tropical sun. Just the fact that she doesn’t hide beneath a big straw hat with oversized sunglasses and a fashionable UV-protecting burqa makes her something of a celebrity throwback to the days where pretty women actually glistened by the pool. No longer. But, Kate abides. Enjoy.

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Kate Moss See-Through Nipple Show in Milan

Kate Moss Goes Braless in a Sheer Top for Stuart Weitzman in Milan
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Leave it to Kate Moss to figure out new and designer-expensive ways to show off her boobs.

The supermodel who recently announced she’d be appearing in the 60th anniversary of Playboy doesn’t need no bunny magazine to flash her funbags, just a fancy see-through top and no bra will do, as Kate did, in Milan last night at a big store opening that’s important to fashion people. So I have no idea what it is, but I do know a little something about celebrity chest puppies, and Kate’s, well, forever on display. Enjoy.

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