Kate Moss

Kate Moss Sunbathes Topless on Vacation in Jamaica

Kate Moss Sunbathing Topless
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Here’s an amazing fun fact. Kate Moss sunbathes rather religiously whilst on her many worldwide vacations. But she never seems to get very tan. I suppose that’s just British genes. Or maybe SPF. She certainly isn’t shy about making sure even her mild tans leave no tan lines, frequently choosing to delight in her sun worshipping topless as she did in Jamaica over the weekend.

Kate Moss is about to turn forty, and while some of her hard partying has worn on the original supermodel through the years, we still take ogling delight in seeing Kate’s funbags beneath the tropical sun. Just the fact that she doesn’t hide beneath a big straw hat with oversized sunglasses and a fashionable UV-protecting burqa makes her something of a celebrity throwback to the days where pretty women actually glistened by the pool. No longer. But, Kate abides. Enjoy.

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Kate Moss See-Through Nipple Show in Milan

Kate Moss Goes Braless in a Sheer Top for Stuart Weitzman in Milan
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Leave it to Kate Moss to figure out new and designer-expensive ways to show off her boobs.

The supermodel who recently announced she’d be appearing in the 60th anniversary of Playboy doesn’t need no bunny magazine to flash her funbags, just a fancy see-through top and no bra will do, as Kate did, in Milan last night at a big store opening that’s important to fashion people. So I have no idea what it is, but I do know a little something about celebrity chest puppies, and Kate’s, well, forever on display. Enjoy.

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Naomi Campbell and Daria Werbowy Topless Among Supermodel Friends in Black and White

Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell and More Nekkid for Interview Magazine 2013
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We brought you the Stephanie Seymour portion of this earlier this week, but, now, the entire delicious black and white supermodel spread from Interview magazine, featuring the aforementioned Stephanie, Linda Evangelista, Amber Valletta, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Daria Werbowy, and Naomi Campbell, the latter two of whom are flashing their uncovered model type funbags.

What do you call it when such a monumental cast of veteran supermodels get together for a nearly nekkid photoshoot together? No names. Just the pleasant exhale of contentment. Enjoy.

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Kate Moss Bikini Booty Still Climbing In and Out of Boats

When I think of Kate Moss, besides the teen girl modeling party stories and the cocaine snorting, I think of a shorter haired blonde supermodel climbing on and off of yachts in European vacation hot spots. She just seems to constantly be embarking and disembarking a boat that looks like something I have modeled to scale in my tinkering room that won’t even survive the waves of my bathtub. I suppose the life of a supermodel affords such opportunities.

But, hey we get opportunities as well, like the chance to see Kate’s still worthy behind in a leopard print bikini ascending her yacht. Kate may not be all that she was two decades ago, but I’d still push my way to the front of the yacht staff line to be her towel boy when she climbs aboard. I’m a particularly ambitious fellow around wet women. Other times, meh, mostly I do so love my couch. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Spreads Her Legs for Esquire

Kate Moss like you’ve never seen her before, with her legs spread apart. Okay, so you have seen that before, but we still cherish each and every time this veteran supermodel so willingly shares of her private looks and bits, not shy by any means I can think of.

Featured in the new edition of Esquire magazine, Kate talks about a whole bunch of stuff that sounds important but I mostly tune out while staring at her panties and sheer outfits. Kate’s still a good looker in my book, and being a good looker is all I’m really good at. So, here I am left staring at her undies. I kind of like my lot in life. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Flashing Her Bare Lady Top and Bottom Parts in London Street

Kate Moss See-Through Shirt and Upskirt Filming in London
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I’m not exactly what it was Kate Moss was filming in the streets of London that required her to be in a sheer t-shirt and really not much else but a half length fur coat and maybe some see-through sheer panties (maybe), but I can tell you I fully approve.

While Kate is hardly a shy wallflower when it comes to her body, the supermodel usually at least limits herself to vacation spots and late night after hours club exits for her body part reveals. Not today. Today, just straight up afternoon time in the big city, flashing her lady nest and her barely sheer covered funbags. For the kids watching on, I suppose this was a nice teachable moment for their parents to talk about the bird and the bees.

And also about models who flash their cooches in public. They will only get you into trouble, son. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Gets Nekkid for Love Magazine (and For Long Time Moss Admirers Everywhere)

Kate Moss Nekkid in Love Magazine January 2013
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Look, I’m an unabashed and unashamed Kate Moss fan. Yes, there is the history of drunken, drug fueled stumbles, and similarly silly relationship and personal life drama, but I’m never not supporting a woman who has been throwing off her clothes for the cameras since a tender teen age, and now at almost forty, is still doing so, and IMHO, looking still more than fine.

In the current edition of the fashion periodical, Love Magazine, Kate drops top and bottom for a full body visual exhibition that you will not find similarly among any of her veteran model peers. It’s brave, it’s bold, it’s downright completely and utterly bare. And we applaud that. While staring. At her muffin. Enjoy.

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