Kate Moss Bikini Booty Still Climbing In and Out of Boats

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bill-swift - August 13, 2013

When I think of Kate Moss, besides the teen girl modeling party stories and the cocaine snorting, I think of a shorter haired blonde supermodel climbing on and off of yachts in European vacation hot spots. She just seems to constantly be embarking and disembarking a boat that looks like something I have modeled to scale in my tinkering room that won't even survive the waves of my bathtub. I suppose the life of a supermodel affords such opportunities.

But, hey we get opportunities as well, like the chance to see Kate's still worthy behind in a leopard print bikini ascending her yacht. Kate may not be all that she was two decades ago, but I'd still push my way to the front of the yacht staff line to be her towel boy when she climbs aboard. I'm a particularly ambitious fellow around wet women. Other times, meh, mostly I do so love my couch. Enjoy.