Kate Moss

Kate Moss Still Pretty Effin’ Hot in Jalouse Magazine

Oh, sure, we've had our fun making fun of the celebrity wildcat habits of Kate Moss over the years, the drugs, the boozing, the drugs with boozing mixed together, and the like, but at the end of the day, they don't just hand out the supermodel title without some accomplishment, and even now at 38 and a few years of the party life under her belt, not to mention a kid, Kate Moss is still pretty effin' hot.

In her new pictorial in this month's Jalouse magazine, Kate provides a simple, sane, but direct reminder that the girl dolls up quite nicely, and I'd still trade my left nut, err, your left nut, for the chance to use the right somewhere in Kate's general vicinity. I know, this is a heartfelt admission. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Nipple Slips Flash Some Model Headlights Off the Coast of Spain


I feel at this point like we could composite an entire nekkid body shot of supermodel Kate Moss merely by extracting all her various flashes and slips and wardrobe malfunctions from over the past few years. The MILFy model is certainly not super compulsive about making sure she covers up her body parts, as evidenced in her latest nipple slips on the beach in Ibiza, where I wish I were right now, not the least of which is for the celebrity skin viewing opportunities.

We have often ridden Kate a bit (figuratively speaking, not as we wish we could) about some personal indiscretions and lifestyle choices (read as: continued drunken stumblings out of clubs at 4am), but we always must give it up to any and all good looking celebrities who don't take their covering up with clothing too seriously. They do help make the Egotastic! world go round. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Topless Sunbathing for the Supermodel Show-Off in the South of France


Really do need to get that yacht, so I can someday be parked off the shores of St. Tropez and change my voicemail message to, 'Sorry, you can't reach me now, I've got topless sunbathing supermodels on the deck of my 47-footer'.

Such is the life of whoever was hosting Kate Moss and her topless sun-bent wonderments on the bow of their vessel this weekend, as the MILFy model wasted no time in letting her udders say hello to the warm rays of Mother Sun. The veteran supermodel who made heroin chic super chic by snorting blow still has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to garnering attention from paparazzi with long range lenses, and whipping off her top is first among them. Really, that's the only trick we really ask of our favorite celebrities. Enjoy.

Kate Moss See-Through Dress Reveals Her Private Members

We're way past the point of ever being shocked by any revealing-wear worn by Kate Moss in public. The pearl-clutching gasp boat has long since left the dock with this oft-troubled, always exhibitionist supermodel and mom who left a Private Members club in London last eve wearing a top that flashed a solid does of shapely boobtastic for all the onlookers, most importantly, ourselves.

Now, some may pshaw and poo-poo the continued exploits of Kate Moss, but we've never forsaken or forgotten the tremendous amount of skin this hot woman has been showing since, well, before we were even legally allowed to show it. Enjoy.

Kate Moss BTS of Mango Ad »

Kate Moss Cleans Up Very Nicely for Fashion Week

Let it not be said that Kate Moss does not have great fundamental hotness talent. Yes, it's been tried and tested through both natural and unnatural substances since a young age, but you simply don't get mega-million dollar modeling contracts as a young woman because you're an ugly duckling and the magazines and fashion houses have taken you on as a charity case.

Every now and then, Kate Moss puts it all back together and delivers on her genetic promise, as she did the other night at the Stella McCartney show for London Fashion week, where the blonde supermodel looked like her old hot self again in her little black dress and, well, we just thought it deserved a shoutout. After all, we do promote the 4P platform here: Peace through positive portrayals of pus...(well, let's just say there's a fourth 'P''). Enjoy.

Milla Jovovich, Kate Moss, and Edita Vilkeviciute Get Topless Behind the Scenes of the Pirelli Calendar Shoot (VIDEO)


Last year, we were warned by Pirelli they might be shutting down their annual hot celeb girls calendar, but it came back with a monster bang-diddy-bang for 2012, and barring the predictive accuracy of the Mayan sun priests, we should be good for several more calendars to come. 

Take a leer, I mean, you really must, behind the scenes of the topless delights of Milla Jovovich, Kate Moss, Isabeli Fontana, Lara Stone, and, my future wife, Edita Vilkeviciute, as they journey through the complex engineering of a topless island girl photoshoot. It really is quite the fun adventure. Enjoy.

Kate Moss and Milla Jovovich Get Topless for Vanity Fair


Nothing wrong with a magazine celebrating the New Year with some topless photos of Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich and a couple other local to The Boot actresses, so we applaud Vanity Fair Italy for bringing a little boobtastic sunshine to our return to work day. Enjoy.