Kate Moss

Kate Moss Bikini Pictures Still Bringing the Veteran Supermodel Skills

For all the fun we and others make of Kate Moss, it’s always good to remember that they don’t just hand out the supermodel title and millions of dollars to any farmer’s daughter. Kate Moss and remains an attractive blonde who dolls up rather nice for the cameras and catwalks. And, even when caught completely candid on her smoking yacht vacations still wears a bikini rather well and shows why you need to have more than I in your bank account to be her boyfriend. Don’t worry, that’s a pretty low threshold.

Kate was in her two piece with her family catching rays over the weekend off the coast of Spain. She really does delight in a nice once a month or so vacation to the Mediterranean climates. Just so long as she keeps showing off in her bikinis or less, I couldn’t be happier for her. Kate resides in my Forty and Faptastic list. You may keep your own list naturally. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Red Bikini Showoff Time in Ibiza

Kate Moss simply won’t ever quit hanging out in the sun in her little two piece bikinis. Sometimes less. Today it was a red bikini on the coastline of Ibiza. Not a bad place to be in August if you have to be somewhere. It looks more fun than my office. With Kate Moss on bikini patrol, it looks much better than my office.

Kate Moss has to be commended for being one of the veteran hot moms who continues to flaunt her body, even as it becomes perhaps slightly less perfect than her million dollar modeling days. We need to encourage this among our MILFtastic ladies. And among super models, we need to super encourage it. Say what you will about Kate Moss, I bet she’s really fun to vacation with. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Bikinis in Ibiza, Because, Well, Because She’s Kate Moss Dammit

As if Kate Moss is going to miss the big celebrity yacht and beach parties going on this week in the Spanish island of Ibiza. If I was a better swimmer, I’d be there myself. Unfortunately, my current record is three laps across the hot tub. Not sure that’s get me out to the private parties to see the likes of supermodel Kate Moss working her bikini magic for over two decades now in the vacation hotspots around the world.

Kate Moss has always delighted in the leopard skin prints. Something very meow about it on the still very fit mom model. She does seem to delight in her water sports. I imagine we will be seeing her bare sunbathing in short order. Kate Moss does not suffer tan lines. Enjoy.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Bikini In Ibiza

Legendary supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell reunited to be hot again on the Spanish sex island of Ibiza. The ladies showed that they still had the goods in a couple of very small bikinis. Kate Moss’ thin frame is as waifishly delicious as it ever was. I was a bigger fan in my youth of Naomi Campbell. She has that same slender build that was so popular but she’s got just enough curves to keep it interesting. I miss the 90′s. The supermodels were hot, the music was better, and things in general sucked a lot less. Maybe it’s because I was young and full of life or maybe things were genuinely better. All I know is that it was the heyday of the supermodel and that those were great times.

Still, these ladies have aged well, like a fine wine or whatever. I plan on enjoying them in bikinis for many years to come.

Kate Moss Bikini Pictures Still Rolling in the Black from Brazil

Whatever it is that had made Kate Moss one of the all time most popular supermodels, she’s still got much of it going on, right down to the IDGAS cigarettes while suntanning in her little black bikini in Brazil.

Kate Moss os such a veteran of the photographic sextastic wars, I can’t even remember really the first time I ever saw her. But she’s been going at it since being a young innocent teen, to now, a not so innocent 40 and up MILF and model. That’s a solid career that is hardly over by any means. So long as she keeps herself in bikini shape, you can bet she’ll keep booking. Something about her that sells magazines and clothes to women. I wish I could figure it out, bottle it, and then try to sell it on Craigslist only to be mugged. I try to add some realism to my dreams. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Bikini Pictures from the Balcony of Her Rio Pad

Kate Moss travels in style. I can’t complain about my own shanty-town world travels, but Kate Moss seems to live it up just a notch or two higher. Like the balcony of a sweet hotel in Rio where the international supermodel showed off in her bikini once again showing that forty is the new faptastic.

Kate has been super busy of late doing photoshoots and shopping and dining and hanging out on yachts and all the other supermodel daily grind. Though it all, she still manages to keep herself in long-range paparazzi photo shape in a two piece swimsuit. That takes some serious talent, and probably a decent amount of cigarette’s in Kate’s case. Kate Moss, keep on keeping on. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Bikinis Up to Hang Out With Her Topless Friend on a Yacht

Kate Moss in a Bikini with Topless Girls on a Yacht in St. Barts
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I’m not exactly sure why Kate Moss was unusually modest in keeping her bikini top on while her friends was enjoying the full Mother Sun benefits off the coast of St. Bart’s on a massive yacht owned by Sir Philip Green, the Topshop retail bazillionaire. It did remind me that I am only 379 easy payments away from owning my own topless supermodel covered sloop. It may not be as majestic as this floating mansion, but it is rated to travel in waters up to 20-feet in depth.

I’ll say this for Kate Moss, she knows how to vacation in style. She doesn’t do the Motel 6′s along the byway while discovering knick knack stores. Nope, it’s usually some world class port of call and a private beach or yacht. I’ll also say she’s holding up quite nicely for a model now officially in her 40′s, and with a long track record of some hard core partying. Good genes. Nice bikini. Enjoy.

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