Bella Hadid is a Work of Art!

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Echo Lawrence - November 2, 2020

Bella Hadid is channeling her inner artist or muse for this year's Halloween. The model had her make-up artist transform her into one of the late pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's pieces. It looks like Bella was inspired by the well known Drowning Girl painting and put together a video showing off her look. She also put together a little backstory to go with the video and explains her actions in video below:

POV: your new Lichtenstein piece came in and she...uh...came to life last nite..... she won’t stop seducing you thru the security camera until you let her in through the front gate.... if you don’t open up know exactly what she’ll do.... she’ll trap you in her art ...forever ..... eternity in the frame of doom? or eternity with her....choose your fate

Bella is a Libra, so of course she didn't stop at just one Halloween look, she went full glam the following night and gave us her best Poison Ivy. The model did a pretty good job too, she looks just like your girl Uma Thurman in her tight green bodysuit complete with poison ivy leaves and a bright red wig!

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