Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale: Will’s Gift to You This Thanksgiving

Kate Beckinsale. She is the perfect combo of sexiness, cuteness, girl next door.

While EgoReader 'Will' clearly did not get the ten word limit in the contest, we really wouldn't be the adults we promised ourselves we would be as scolded kids if we didn't allow people to break the rules just a bit. Heck, if we were meter maids and somebody came back to their car five minutes late with an excuse, we'd tear up that ticket instead of lying and saying that it was 'already in the system'.

We strive not to be hypocrites. Or to be neglectful of the beauty of the 'girl next door' Will believes the sweetly MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale possesses. We kind of agree, although, as it happens, the girl next door to us is missing her front teeth and dead-lifts 400 lbs, so Kate Beckinsale would be the girl next door to us in our dreams. And, likely, yours.

Take a look at ten of our more delectable pictures of Hot Mama Kate and fill your reproductive cornucopias with the spirit of the season.

Kate Beckinsale in Leather Pants Because We Miss the Eff Out of Kate Beckinsale

After her luscious promo tour several months ago for Total Recall, which turned out to be something of a Total Flop, Kate Beckinsale has gone into familial closed-door hiding, which may have well-served her emotional state, but has done dick, as it were, for our pleasure state experienced every time we see the brunette super-MILF.

So, we present to you, and ourselves, a little dosage of Kate Beckinsale out in black leather pants, the kind of pants we'd like to melt off of her with our libidinal laser-beam, removing each stitch and seam until the dropped from her person and revealed her goody-goody-gumdrops to us. Oh, that would be a fine day.

With only one month to go until voting in the Egotastic! Hotness Awards, we'd like to see Kate make a stronger push for MILF of the Year, a strong nekkid type push. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale Total Hotness at Total Recall Premiere in L.A.

Honestly, there's a certain threshold of female sextastic in a film where I don't care what people think about the movie, I'm going to see it. Total Recall might be an awesome film, it might be a disappointment (won't know until tomorrow), but I know I'm going to watch it, because if nothing else, the pairing of supremely good looking Jessica Biel and MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale in the same cinematic venture, let alone kickboxing the shizz out of each other in the same scene,  that trumps all.

At last night's premiere in L.A, both of these supremely hot women, the bread in the very naughty and baby-ol covered fantasy Egotastic! sandwich I've been dreaming of for years, dropped some red carpet heat outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater and caused at least 10,000 sci-fi fanboys to simultaneously fap themselves into erasing memories of who they really are. Which isn't a bad thing for most fanboys. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Wiggles Her Tush into the Ranks of the Hottest Sci-Fi Villains

On August 3rd, actress and MILFtastic extraordinaire Kate Beckinsale strips out of her Underworld latex to kick arse on Colin Farrell (as if that isn't many people's dreams) in the Total Recall remake, err, reboot, err, re-quel.

If there's one thing the producers of fantasy sci-fi flicks know how to do, it's casting some of the hottest and sexiest women to do things like be cloned, travel through time, and run aimlessly across the decks of spaceships in skimpy tops and miniskirts.

The only thing better than a sexy sci-fi sidekick chick, is an evil one trying to destroy you and most likely all of mankind. And as Kate Beckinsale enters the race to be sci-fi's sexiest villainess of all time, take a look at our gallery of wicked hot bad-girls from fantasy films past.

Kate Beckinsale + Jessica Biel = Maximium Hottie Sandwich

How could I forget that Total Recall is coming out soon, one month from today, and that now we have the pleasure of seeing the movie's hottie female co-stars, the inimitable Kate Beckinsale and the luscious be lusty Jessica Biel, both of whom will be featured in some skintight futuristic space get-ups in the film, including the battle scene where we know these two super hotties try to kick the sextastic out of each other.

This month's Maxim magazine features some stellar promo pics of Kate and Jessica in character for the film, please excuse the Colin Farrell inclusion in some of the pics, he was just woven right the eff in there and we couldn't get him completely out. Like a protein stain. But do not miss the front side and back side goodness of the MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale and the future MILFtastic Jessica Biel. Enjoy.

Malin Akerman, Julianne Hough, and Kate Beckinsale Lead List of Hotties at Spike TV Awards

Spike TV 'Guys Choice Awards' takes it about half-way. That is, we get to see a whole bunch of celebrity hotties every join lined up on the red carpet and attending the award show for looking babe-a-licious, but, of course, if guys really had their choice, these sextastic celebrities would be nekkid and laying across a possum skinned rug (sorry, but I happen to love bears, while possums, yeah, I could skin a few of those and sleep at night, nasty varmints).

This year's list of Guy's Choice Awards sweet and delicious included underrated comedic actress Malin Akerman who posed sexy with the innocently alluring Julianne Hough, the ever desirable MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale, minxy Kristen Bell, cleavy Brooke Hogan, and Kendra Wilkinson, who I think people invite to these events now just to watch her husband hold her purse awkwardly in the background. Still, all in all, quite a collection of female locker room fantasy goodness. Now, about all those clothes... enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale, Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene, and Gwen Stefani Highlight the Hotness at Memorial Day Party in Malibu

Here's a riddle: what do you get when you mix together warm weather, a holiday weekend, and, Selena Gomez, Kate Beckinsale, Gwen Stefani, and Ashley Greene? Well, you get one hot-damn party that refused to let me in the front door, even when I brought a 3-lb container of Smart & Final potato salad, which I thought was rather generous on my part, even if I forgot to refrigerate it overnight.

Legendary Hollywood film producer, Joel Silver, had his annual mega-bigtime Malibu estate Memorial Day weekend when he invites all the hot celebs out to mingle, inter-mingle, and generally build a collective bit of group hotness that you don't usually get to see. Sextastic celebrities like the spotlight, so sharing with others, well, it's not that common. But everybody comes together for a pool party and potato chips! Enjoy.

(P.S. Not to be outdone, my Memorial Day backup party included the BBW twins from 3B who once again brought over their Twister game, insisted it was 'nude' Twister, drank all my Mike's Hard Lemonade, then both passed out in a pool of lemon-scented vomit in my bathroom, leaving me a three hour chore of dragging them individually back to their apartment. Firemen's carry be damned, I went for floor drag and I was about an hour away from using a chain saw  to start cropping more manageable chunks).